Diaper Day

man in wet diaper
Lion has been in a wet diaper since early this morning. He can change it just before he needs to pee. He sits in a wet diaper all day.

The Lion butt is in a diaper today. In an email yesterday he told me he’d be working from home today. I responded that it was a perfect day for diapers. He didn’t like that idea too much but he knows better than to argue. He has to stay in the diaper after one pee and just before he has to pee again he can change to a clean (for the moment) diaper. That way he’ll always be in a wet diaper. I reminded him that it could be worse. Sometimes he has to have two pees in a diaper before he can change it.

If it’s true that he needs to be controlled or humiliated in order to be horny, this should test that theory. I’m not sure he really needs it. Maybe it’s just like a reset button when he gets in one of his slumps. If he’s not horny then maybe humiliation or control is needed. Once he’s been reset he’ll be fine for a while.

On the other hand, maybe it’s because I haven’t humiliated or controlled him that he goes into the slump. If I’m more consistent with him, maybe I can keep him out of the slumps. It’s worth a try. Not that there’s anything wrong with slumps from time to time. Everyone needs time off. I just want to make sure I’m not inadvertently causing them.

Last night I was able to get Lion hard with the Magic Wand but he said he still felt stuck. He can get hard and it feels good and we may be on our way to the edge but halfway up the hill we stall out. He doesn’t get soft. He just doesn’t feel like it will do any good to continue.

Maybe it was just too late last night. He’s tired this morning. Maybe he was last night too. We also watched a disappointing football game. That’ll let the wind out of any fan’s sails.

Not to worry. We’ll try again tonight. And the next night. And so on. I’m stubborn that way.