When The Novelty Wears Off

frilly male panties
Even having to wear panties will eventually stop being humiliating or thrilling, but if the male is required to continue wearing them anyway, he will feel sexually controlled. This is especially true if he has no desire to wear panties. I think Mrs. Lion is considering putting me in these.  This is the frilly rear view. (Click the image to shop)

It’s been nearly a year since Mrs. Lion locked me up. The novelty of wearing a chastity device 24/7 has worn off. It’s been a while since I have felt that little thrill knowing that my cock is in the Jail Bird. Now, it is part of my life. It’s there; I am always aware of that, but it doesn’t fill my mind with fantasies. That’s not exactly true. I still have really hot chastity fantasies, but they aren’t as frequent or urgent.

Anything kinky will eventually lose that new-kink shine. Mrs. Lion has been spanking me on and off for a decade. It’s not new, but it hurts just as much when she wants me to feel it. Similarly, the cage is there whether it turns me on or not and it is just as effective preventing erection and orgasm. Bondage still gets me hard and I have been tied up on and off for decades.

My point is that novelty might get me into something, but that thrill fades leaving me still in the situation I wanted. The best example for me is the first rule Mrs. Lion made; well, “made” isn’t the right word. I suggested it and she agreed. That rule is that I am to be naked when at home or when we are alone together. She has allowed me to wear a t-shirt if I am chilly, but that’s all. My butt and genitals are available all the time, even when she isn’t home.

That was really hot in the beginning. Now, it is just something I do. If I think about it, it turns me on, but most of the time it is just my normal state. Enforced chastity is starting to be that way too. It would feel strange not to be in my cage. I still get turned on thinking about Mrs. Lion absolutely controlling my penis, but I don’t have those thoughts on a daily basis.

Enforced chastity, unlike nudity, comes with frequent reminders that don’t let me forget I am sexually owned. Every other day Mrs. Lion teases me. Most often, she masturbates me to the edge of orgasm a few times. Other times, she has me wear a butt plug or pegs me with a dildo. In particular, the teasing sessions stimulate more than my desire to come. They sometimes stimulate fantasies as well. So, unlike my permanent nudity, enforced chastity isn’t allowed to fade into habit. I am constantly forced to remember that no matter how much I want release, I can only have it if Mrs. Lion decides to give it to me.

I’ve read complaints by guys that if they have to do something all the time it loses it’s thrill. One guy says (never know if it is true or not) that his wife had him wear panties all the time. At first it was very hot for him. After a while, he said they just felt like underwear and no longer turned him on. So, he told that to his wife and went back to his male undies. Clearly his wife was making him wear panties because that was what he wanted When he told her that it was no longer a thrill, she immediately agreed to let him stop. I am sure that if instead of agreeing to let him stop wearing panties, she refused and maybe went out for more frilly undies, the outcome for him would be very different.

Power exchange only becomes real when it goes past doing what the bottom wants. Now, that doesn’t mean more danger or cruel punishments. It means that practices like wearing panties continue regardless of whether it turns the bottom on or not. Regular reminders from his top that she likes him in women’s underwear helps. Also taking him on shopping trips for new panties and making him hold them up for her to admire against his body may renew the thrill. But even if she does none of those things, making him continue because she wants him to is what he really wants. He won’t know that consciously until he finally realizes that he will never see men’s underwear again. But when he does, he will truly feel the power exchange.

It takes time for a keyholder/top to work up to actually wielding power. Mrs. Lion is still doing all those things because I want them. When the day finally comes when she makes it clear that it no longer matters what I want, I will truly feel that she is in control. I still like wearing the chastity device. There have been times I did want out. But I still like that it physically restrains me. But I don’t like waiting too long to come. When I finally “get it” that it doesn’t matter if I “need” to come or not, I will come when Mrs. Lion decides she wants me to, then a new chapter will begin. By the way, making me come sooner than I want is just as powerful as a long wait. The key is that I no longer have any choice. That, after all, is what power exchange is all about.