The Way It’s Supposed To Be

Maybe I can retire as the architect of my own demise. Mrs. Lion has picked up the mantle and is off and running coming up with new ways to torture me. This is very gratifying in one way and scary in another. When I come up with new ways she can get me, I have time to consider and fantasize about the activity before i suggest it to Mrs. Lion.

Now, unless she writes about it here, any new “ideas” will be surprises to me at the very time I experience them. That is totally new to me. If she hints about something new in a post, I’m free to imagine what fresh hell I will experience at a later time.

Mrs. Lion has come up with ideas before. She had a record of not following through. I know that’s changed now. For one thing, she is well aware how I count on things she tells me. For another, she has turned a new leaf. I don’t want to say that 2.0 has arrived full time. I’m not sure what that would mean. But I am positive that my sweet lioness has taken a much more active interest in what happens to me after a spanking.

Almost all spankings in our house are associated with me being naughty. We have some rules I am very unlikely to avoid breaking on a regular basis. Getting food on my shirt is the best example. That rule was adopted for the express purpose at giving us practice with punishment. It’s served very well.

And, it will continue to serve. Additionally, Mrs. Lion has become far more vigilant discovering infractions. As a result, punishment is a very frequent activity. I am spanked at least once a week; often more frequently. Don’t get me wrong, I have learned to hate being punished. But that isn’t the point at all.

We both need to learn how to function in a disciplinary relationship. It takes time to build the length and ferocity of a spanking. Similarly, it takes time to develop and execute spanking deserts, like corner time.

I am getting a lot of value from this program. I don’t know exactly why, but I am. Mrs.Lion appears to have noticed this. I wonder if she is also getting value as well. Changes, like adding domestic discipline, take time to establish. It also takes quite a bit of time to see if this practice fits into our lives.

It appears that, like enforced male chastity, it is fitting. Punishments have become an accepted part of our routine. There is no fuss or muss. Mrs. Lion gets her paddle of choice, I assume the position, and off we go. She generally tells me why I’m being spanked. I almost always know anyway. There is no ritual. It’s just another part of our life together. That’s how I think it’s supposed to be.