It’s Punishment Day

Lion and I are still very tired. You’d think we’d be able to sleep better now that we’re back together. We just have trouble sleeping period. My eyes were trying to slam shut all day yesterday so I delayed punishing Lion for interrupting me. It all works out though. Today is punishment day.

I guess Lion needs a refresher course in not interrupting. He did it a lot on Saturday and by Sunday I was completely done with it. I can understand when he gets home from a trip and he’s excited to tell me about it and excited to see me, but I will only tolerate it for so long. I know, I know. I shouldn’t tolerate it at all. He should perhaps get one warning glare and the next time it happens he’s toast.

Ordinarily I’d hit the end of my rope faster when I’m tired. I don’t know why it took me all the way to Sunday to put my foot down. He makes feeble excuses about why he does it. Not really excuses. That makes it sound like he’s trying to justify it to get out of punishment. He’s merely explaining himself. He knows he won’t escape once I put my foot down.

Tonight I will whomp on his sexy buns until I get them a wonderful shade of rosy pink and I’m satisfied that he’ll remember not to interrupt. For a few days at least. And then we’ll test out my handiwork on the welcome mat. Lion has suggested, silly boy, that I make a hole in the flap designed to hit his balls so I can tie his balls and affix the flap to them. I then suggested that I make him wear his collar so I can tie the flap to his collar. The problem with that is that he can sit hunched over to avoid having the mat dig into his balls. We’ll have to experiment to see what works best. And by that I mean what causes Lion the most problems.

Lion has suggested I take more active control in our FLR. I don’t know about that. I understand the appeal for him. I’m not sure there’s much appeal for me. Why would I want to order for him in a restaurant or tell him he can’t have ice cream or stop him from watching what he wants to watch on TV? Well, duh. Obviously because he wants me to. And I’ll probably end up trying it, kicking and screaming the whole way. And eventually I’ll just keep doing it because that’s my M.O. Not that there won’t be any positive aspects from it. If I stop Lion from eating ice cream or a big steak, his health will improve. For that reason alone it’s worth the effort. So off I go.

[Lion – Actually my motive is not just to have Mrs. Lion arbitrarily exercise control. There are two areas that her attention (and paddle) would provide a lot of help. One is weight control. Ordering for me and otherwise keeping me on the straight and narrow would be great. It would also help her raise her own awareness of what she eats. The second area is critical for me. I need her “help” remembering to do the exercises I need for physical therapy. I’m near the end of the time the repair will be plastic enough to let me extend my range of motion. Her paddle and crop will motivate me. I tend to be lazy about doing them. Once I get a little more physical therapy done, she could help me get the exercise I need to build back my strength and help thin me down.]