Another Position

diapering position
This is a possible alternative to the leaning-over position. This gives Mrs. Lion all the control and real estate she wants and at the same time can keep me in position.
Mrs. Lion is letting 2.0 in again. At least, that’s what her most recent post suggests. She is now considering more complete (severe) spankings. She is also drawing a line in the sand. If I can’t hold my position leaning over the foot of the bed long enough for her to “complete” my spanking, she will find other, unpleasant, non-spanking ways to get her point across.

This new bending-over-the-bed position is not only difficult on my arms, it also takes a massive amount of self control not to move away. OTK, on the other hand, allows the spanker to secure her prey over her lap. While the new position does give Mrs. Lion a lot more real estate to hit and allows her to switch hands, I wonder if it is possible for me to stay still during the onslaught. Of course a couple of very hard swats to my upper thighs might remind me to get back into position.

Another, less discussed spanking position is the diapering position. This one has me on my back at the foot of the bed with my legs in the air. Mrs. Lion can grab and push me back for complete access. I am encouraged to keep my legs together to avoid exposing my balls and she has leverage on her side in terms of keeping me in position.

Both the leaning over the bed and the diapering positions offer very good access to my sit spot and entire bottom. They both stretch me which enhances the pain. Until very recently, I hadn’t considered spanking positions. As a top, I generally had my bottom tied face-down on a bed or standing attached to a cross or other dungeon furniture. When standing, I used my floggers. Caning was achieved with her either standing bent over, or attached to a spanking bench with her tummy against the bench.

I never considered that when I was being spanked any creativity would be needed to position me and pin me there. FLR spankers seem to favor OTK spanking. Unfortunately, Mrs. Lion and I haven’t found a way to do this at home. We have a full-sized couch in our camper that works very well for OTK. At home we just have a loveseat that is too short for us to get in the position. Maybe we should consider buying a longer couch.

I wonder if the diapering position would give me a similar sensation to OTK since Mrs. Lion’s hands would be on me during the punishment. Also the bed will give my back support as well as make it harder to squirm away. I don’t really know if the position will work for us, but it might be worth trying.


  1. Author

    I think it’s important that my sub be comfortable so that all his attention can be on me and my spanking of him. I like face down on bed with three or four pillows under his hips to raise up his butt. Then his arms and hands under the pillows. If he’s by the side of the bed I can stroke him with my hand, or keep it on his lower back during the spanking. Physical contact with the Domme is important during his ordeal.

    1. Author

      Good advic. I think the position you suggest would work. I hope Mrs. Lion tries it with me.

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