My Sex Research

For several weeks Mrs. Lion reported that I couldn’t get excited beyond a certain point when she tried to masturbate me. Then, one day she decided to persist. She rubbed and rubbed and rubbed, and finally I began approaching orgasm. From that day forward she’s persisted as long as I remain hard.

I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on. Did I suddenly have trouble getting sufficiently excited? Did I somehow change physically? Had I undergone some kind of physical transformation brought on by my spinal surgery? Both of us felt that things were certainly different.

I decided to do a little research. I visited a couple of porn sites. I did a search for “hand jobs”. Needless to say, there were tons of results. Going down the listings, which featured small images from the videos, I read the descriptions. To my surprise, most really weren’t hand jobs. Most of them involved some masturbation but also included all kinds of other sexual activity.

I managed to find some listings that looked like masturbation from start to finish. I noticed that most of these were between eight and 20 minutes long. I picked a few to watch. The first thing I realized was that watching another man getting jerked off isn’t particularly interesting to me. So, I fast forwarded until I got to the money shot. It turns out that in the sample of videos I checked, it takes between five and 20 minutes before the man ejaculates. Granted, it may take longer because it’s distracting getting a hand job on a movie set. However, my take away was that it’s perfectly normal to sit at that sexual plateau between erection and ejaculation for some time.

Apparently, in the past, my plateau time was only two or three minutes. Now it’s over five minutes long. Mrs. Lion has proven that if she persists, as long as I remain erect, eventually she will get me to the edge. My research shows that the amount of time it takes her isn’t unusual.

Mrs. Lion edged me on Wednesday night. On Thursday, she left me locked in my cage and didn’t snuggle. I wasn’t bothered by this. I recognize that 3.0 doesn’t feel particularly obligated to let me out every night. She’s mentioned recently that she still feels her agreement to unlock me and tease me at least every other day is still in force. I’m glad to hear that, but I’ve reached the point where I will understand if she leaves me caged longer without relief.

The other day I was checking out my “Lion Orgasm” spreadsheet. I had forgotten how long it had been since the last time I ejaculated. I’m writing this on Friday, and as of today it’s been one week. This is a fairly typical wait and I wouldn’t be surprised if it extended another three days or longer. What struck me when I looked over the spreadsheet, was that the frequency of oral releases has increased dramatically. Since the beginning of March, I’ve got an oral release after every two or three hand releases. In the past, the gap was a bit wider.

Like most guys, I love getting oral sex. I do know that it’s much harder work for Mrs. Lion to get me off that way. Part of the problem I think, is due to the position in which she does it. I am lying on the bed with my lower back touching my pillow. This gives her more room to fit on the bed in front of me. It’s a bit awkward for her to prop herself up while she’s sucking me.

I wondered if there is a more comfortable position for her.To find out, I went back to my porn site and reviewed “blow job” videos. I found these slightly more interesting than the hand job variety, but still not my thing. There appears to be three main positions for blow jobs.

The most popular, by a wide margin, is the one Mrs. Lion uses. The man is on his back, legs wide apart on the bed. The woman lies on her stomach head propped up on her elbows, and sucks from that position. The second most popular has the man standing, leaning against the wall. The woman is kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. I’m not sure whether that’s very comfortable for either of them. The third, and least popular, is having the man sit in a chair leaning back with the woman kneeling in front of him sucking his cock. This one seems a bit more comfortable for both parties. When I went down on Mrs. Lion, I always used the face down on the bed position. Over the years I had also knelt in front of a chair to lick pussy. That position was actually the most comfortable for me, but never a first choice for the woman.

When it comes to hand jobs, Mrs. Lion likes to start out snuggled against my chest and masturbates me with her left hand. After a while she likes to sit up next to and facing me and jerk me off from that position. In that position she has both hands-free and can very lightly tickle my balls while she masturbates me.

While the oral sex ratio is very good in terms of ejaculation’s, if you factor in edging, I get oral attention once for every 15 or 20 hand job sessions. I’m not complaining. I have a very good time when she jerks me off.

I wonder if there’s a correlation between being a wild lion and longer run up times to the edge. It could be that the ritual of removing the cage sends a signal to my body that I will be receiving sexual pleasure. When wild, I don’t get that early warning. I’m not claiming this is what’s happening. I’m just looking for differences. It could well be that my sexual response has changed. As long as Mrs. Lion isn’t unhappy with the extra time it takes to get me to the edge, I am happy too.


  1. As a woman performing oral sex, him sitting on a chair or the couch and me sitting on the floor between his legs is by far the most comfortable. I don’t suppose it looks particularly hot or dominant, but when I’m comfortable while I have him by the dick, it’s hot for me and I feel that I’m in charge. Kneeling is uncomfortable rather quickly, so him standing is not something I want to do for very long. Him laying on his back is work for my neck long before he orgasms. 69 position is a bit easier on my neck than laying on my belly, but it only extends my comfort for a minute or two.

    As for receiving oral sex, me laying flat on my back is most comfortable. When I receive while sitting, holding my legs up/apart is a hassle/distraction. Another distraction is that with my hips turned forward so that my pussy is available, my belly gets squished. It’s not enough to make me short of breath, but it is less comfortable and the view of my belly at its most prominent is off-putting to me.

  2. Personally, I find Lion so high maintenance it borders on disturbing. I admire Mrs. Lion’s patience and stamina. I send all my wannabee domme friends here so they can read what it is like to serve a man in the way that Mrs. Lion does.

    As always, this blog speaks with candor that is rare. D/s is not glamorous or salacious. It is a job.

    1. As Lion has said in the past, being a top (or dominant or whatever term you care to use) is hard work. Unless being a top is what turns you on, it’s largely one-sided. Since I’m not interested in sex for myself, it might look a lot more one-sided. I don’t consider Lion high maintenance. If he starts heading in that direction, 3.0 will take care of it.

      1. It fascinates me that you do not consider his needs high maintenance. I am also curious about your lack of sex interest. Yours and Lion’s coupling seems perfect for you and like I said, I send all my people here to read about the lifestyle.

        Thanks for your candor.

  3. What kind of drugs are you taking after your surgery? I know that the drugs i had to take change my performance.

    1. Author

      Thanks for the thought. Right now I am off drugs. The surgery involved my spinal cord so there is a long recovery from that surgery.

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