Butt Inspections

Lion's bruised bottom
This is Lion’s butt today, four days after he was spanked. The bruises are fading, but still nasty looking. He says it doesn’t hurt today.

I think I last punished Lion on Sunday night. He already had another infraction in the chamber, so to speak. Although he wants me to punish him closer to the time he breaks a rule, I haven’t really figured out how to do so. I mean, if he breaks three rules before I’m able to punish him, does he get three times as many swats? Should the swats be harder? Do I just tell him the swats are for all three issues? I could be spanking him for days on end if I punish him on separate nights.

Last night we encountered a different problem. When Lion bent over to be swatted, I noticed some bruising from the other day. As I said, I think it was Sunday. The bruise had survived several days. And it was fairly deep. Every swat jiggled his butt and he felt it in the bruise. For the most part I avoided the area but I did give quite a few hard smacks in the general vicinity.

The frustrating part is that when I try to bruise him I can’t, and when I don’t try to I do. What’s up with that? I guess I just have to pretend I don’t really want to bruise him and maybe sneak up on it so he does bruise. The reverse psychology of effective spanking. (rolling my eyes)

The bigger issue, of course, is that you don’t want to re-injure a bruised area. I’m sure some people will disagree with that statement. A boxer always keeps punching the bruised and bloody eye of his opponent. The warrior always goes for the weakened area. The difference is that we don’t really want to do harm to our “victim”. Depending on your relationship, you care about him on some level. We want to be safe.

Had I been doing my job and paying attention to Lion’s posterior over the past few days, I would have known he was bruised before I decided to spank him and I would have known I shouldn’t spank him. I do have other ways to punish him. I could have combined “desserts” and had him sit on the punishment stool in the corner with soap in his mouth. I could have used some of the menthol rub on his balls.

I’ll need to do more inspections of his sexy buns. I know. What a rotten task that is! Examining his cute tushy. I think I can do that. I’m looking forward to doing that. Yum!


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    I do too! A few days ago my wife had me bend over for inspection after showering so she could check my shave job. At first I just bent over but then she told me to get down on the floor on my knees, head down, ass up, and took a close look including poking and tugging the few little hairs I missed.
    It was very erotic.

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