We tried OTK spanking again last night. Lion says the loveseat we have is too short. I think there must be a way but I can't come up with it. Instead, I had him lean over the bed. It was still somewhat awkward but not as bad as OTK. Since I wasn't pinned down by Lion as I would have been with OTK, I was able to move around and make sure I was hitting the sweet "sit" spot. I was even able to change hands when one arm got tired. I think we may have found our preferred spanking position.

I don't think Lion clenched his butt as much as he does when he's flat on his stomach. I'm pretty sure he was concentrating too hard on staying in position as the paddle was flying. He did move around a bit but I think I can cure that by letting him know that more swats will be added the more he moves. Of course I'm open to trying other positions. I'm just not a fan of OTK at this point.

I understand OTK makes the spankee feel like a child being punished by a parent or other authority figure. Unfortunately, it's not at all comfortable for me. I don't feel I have the leverage I have when he's on the bed or leaned over like last night. Part of it is that we're not as flexible as we used to be and we're also a bit rounder than we used to be. Our bodies are not made for OTK.

I was pretty sure I'd gotten Lion's buns pretty sore. I knew he was having trouble maintaining his position. As I said, we're not in shape. We'll have to work on his stamina. I got the punishment stool for him to sit his tender buns on. He stared ta the corner for at least fifteen minutes before I told him he was done.

While he was sitting there I decided we'd strayed from his requirement of thanking me after a punishment. After he'd stowed the punishment stool I reminded him of that rule. He thanked me immediately. Now all he has to do is remember to do it when I don't remind him. Otherwise he'll wind up owing me another punishment.


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    Mrs Edge likes to have me standing at the side of the bed, leaning over with my arms wide, bracing up my body. It makes my muscles stand out, but personally, I think the muscle tension offers less “padding” so it seems to sting more.

    Tell Lion to start doing more pushups. 😉

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    At this point, with my still-recovering shoulder, I can’t put much stress on my right arm at all. It was challenging to maintain just the bent-over position. It will be another three months before I’m ready to take much weight at all.

    Another position I asked Mrs. Lion to consider is the “diapering” position where I am on my back and she holds my legs up and pushes them back toward my head. This gives very good access and should be easy for both of us.

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