Punishment Ideas

We had a small anniversary dinner last night. We'll celebrate with a more involved dinner on the weekend. I owed Lion some punishment but I let it slide another night to give him a break for our anniversary. We snuggled for a while. Lion wasn't really responding quickly and my shoulders have been hurting so we didn't snuggle too long.

Tonight Lion will get his punishment swats. He spilled food on his shirt on Sunday. I forgot about it on Monday even though it was punishment day. He'd had punishment Sunday night so spilling food went on the list for another day. Tonight is that other day.

We found a decent position for spanking the other night. OTK doesn't seem to work well for us. Lion leaned over the bed and supported himself on outstretched arms. I was able to concentrate quite a few blows to his sit spot. I was also able to use both arms. Tonight I think I'll use a different paddle. The one he made with our names on it looks good and works well, but it isn't the most comfortable to hang on to. It's a mean little thing but I have other mean paddles.

As I learn to give him better punishment swats, he can learn to hold his position leaning over the bed. I know it's hard for an old Lion to learn new tricks but I'm sure he can do it. At the very least, he just needs to hold it until he's sufficiently red and/or bruised. If he can't hold his position to receive all of his swats, it makes sense he should owe me another form of punishment. Maybe if I wasn't going to add mouth soaping to his corner time, I'll add it as a substitute for the missed swats. Or I can add more minutes to his corner time. I could find something rougher to sit on for the punishment stool. He's not the only one who can come up with Lion-will-be-sorry ideas.

Poor Lion.


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    That is Goddesses preferred position for me. She places her list of infractions in front of me. I read off an offence and number of swats for said offence are delivered. Then on to next until all are dealt with. This is her own idea and I love her for it.

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        As I said before, our DD session is every other Thursday. In that 2 week time she will point out an infraction Immediately and tell me to write it in her rules/punishment book. Tonight there are 4 items as example. 1) not giving her complete attention and interrupting in public 2) got upset about something and talked down on myself (she hates that) 3)left a qtip in the shower after I was finished cleaning myself 4) while pleasuring her orally the other night I tried to tongue her rosebud without asking first. Needless to say because I didn’t ask it was off limits and it not only cost me by denying something I love doing for her, but she lost out on the pleasure she would have enjoyed. This one may hurt…… By the way, Goddess is thinking of a name to write replies under. Coming soon she says.

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