lion in blue thong panties
This is the new, blue, sparkly thong I wore yesterday. It speaks for itself. [Click image to enlarge]
This morning when I told Mrs. Lion I was going to get dressed, she said, “Wear the pink panties.”

I didn’t really remember what panties I had, but sure enough there was a pair of hip-hugging, pink panties. We bought them at WalMart on Saturday. I put them on, but they kept sliding down. I have very narrow hips and there isn’t anything there to hold them up. I suggested a thong would stay up better. That’s because they move into my ass crack and that holds them up. Mrs. Lion was agreeable, so I am wearing a sparkly blue thong trimmed in black.

I forgot I was wearing women’s undies until we stopped and I had to pee. When I opened my pants and reached inside, I was greeted by a small, satin pouch. “Oh crap! I’m wearing that thong,” I thought. It wasn’t a problem for me, just a surprise. When we got home, while I was undressing, Mrs. Lion yelled from the other room, “Leave your panties on!”

Here I sit wearing nothing but a sparkly, blue thong with black trim from WalMart. How fashionable!

On the way home, we discussed the new spanking stool. Mrs. Lion wants us to get another so we have one in the camper and another at home. It’s clearly a lioness winner. The anti-skid tape we put on the seat isn’t really all that scratchy to sit on. Mrs. Lion thinks we need very coarse sandpaper with, sharp gravel-like abrasive on it. We will shop for it this week. Meantime, she likes corner time for me sitting on the stool. It’s a very boring post-spanking ritual that others incorporate as well.

We’ve learned some very useful things from Julie. It’s too bad she is so far away. She has a lot more experience with discipline than we have. Mrs. Lion is becoming quite expert herself. I got an over-the-knee spanking this weekend. It does feel different from just lying on the bed and getting swatted. I felt more restrained. It was much more intimate. I could feel Mrs. Lion’s body heat. It was totally different from any play spanking I ever received or, for that matter gave. It was easy for her to spread my cheeks and pay attention to the tender flesh of my butt crack. She seemed much more in control.

Something else we learned from Julie is technique. My spankings used to be over in a minute or two. There were four-to-seven very hard swats before I could take any more. Then it was all over. Now, with Mrs. Lion providing warmup swats (which also hurt), she administers hundreds of swats covering my entire bottom and sit spot. She even did some spanking of my upper thighs. Unlike when I lay on the bed, I found it nearly impossible to clench my butt. That reduces the pain of each swat. My bottom stayed relaxed and receptive to Mrs. Lion.

There isn’t any new dialogue during my spanking. Mrs. Lion did make a point of telling me why I was being spanked. My reactions were the usual yelps and screams. Mrs. Lion isn’t comfortable being in the mommy mode and, so far, hasn’t come up with any responses she requires before she will even consider stopping. I think that spankings might go on a bit more. (I will really regret saying this). I get a nice pink color, but we haven’t reached the red, black and blue color that would most likely hurt for a day or two.

It isn’t that Mrs. Lion is at fault. It’s that we both have to progress to this point. There’s so much more to my punishment spankings. There’s our attitude, our ability to administer and receive the sufficient amount of swats. And, our approach to discipline. Let’s face it, despite what you might read on many domestic discipline websites, punishment, particularly spanking is a ritual with its own set of rules and techniques. We are just starting to work out ours.

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    Something that may be more practical (and safer) than sandpaper, is spiky or bristly door mats, or even astroturf.

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