Pink or Blue?

Rodney may not get any respect but Lion still does.
Rodney may not but Lion still does.

This morning I told Lion I wanted him in his pink hip hugger panties. When he put them on he said he might have a problem keeping them up. It was travel day for us and I didn’t want him to be uncomfortable sitting for hours in the truck. I suggested the green Manties and he said a thong might be okay. Thong it is! I told him to pick any of his new thongs and he chose the blue pair. I think all of the thongs have pretty bows and lovely lace.

Four hours later we dropped the camper of at the RV repair place to see if they can fix the satellite they broke when they repaired the roof. We both used the restroom before we left. Lion said he’d forgotten what underwear he had on until he went to the restroom and saw the bright blue thong. They must be very comfortable. *evil grin* As he was undressing at home I told him I wanted the panties on. He said he figured I did. No grumble or anything.

I’m not trying to make Lion into a sissy boy. He suggested wearing panties a long time ago. I think it’s funny when he grumbles about wearing them. He’s embarrassed and I’m the only one who sees him. I’m the only one who sees his toenails when they’re painted too. He “hates” it and that makes me smile.

Yesterday Lion asked if I’ve lost any respect for him since he’s been wearing panties. Nope. I didn’t lose any respect when he asked me to spank him for fun, nor when he asked me to stick things up his ass nor even when he asked me to lock his penis away. I thought about it for a while and decided I would probably lose respect for him if he insisted on sucking my toes or drawing a bath and bathing me, or something else like that. Now if I asked him to turn on the tub so I could finish what I was doing before I took a bath, that’s entirely different. That’s similar to asking him to take out the trash. He’d be helping me. I also think if he started calling me mommy when I spank him I would lose some respect for him. If that happens we’d have to have a long talk. I don’t want to be his mommy. I don’t want to be his mistress. I want to be his wife who’s in charge of more things and loves him enough to put up with all his suggestions that wind up causing him more trouble than he ever imagined. Silly blue-thonged Lion.


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    I read “Lots of action” and “Pink or Blue” one after the other. They reminded me of my own “Journey”. We said we would try anything once – and we did – lots of things , once,till we reached our current status ,which some might consider a little boring – but we like it.
    We summarise it as ” do whatever we want in private , as long as no one is harmed” . “Hurt – yes. Harmed – no”
    I smiled when I read that you might lose some respect for Lion if he suggested bathing you. We turn it into a mini adventure. Bubbles,nice music,soft lights,undressing my lady,shaving soap and a new razor blade, kneeling by the bath appropriately dressed,fetching the wine for my lady. Ooooo!!!!!! Buzz buzz.

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    I’ve done all sorts of crazy humiliating things to my man and have never lost respect for him. Here is how we manage.

    I separate out Dommy time from normal time in my mind.

    During normal time I expect him to be a real man. Pleasant, helpful, handy, assertive, protective, funny, keeps himself in good shape, does annoying man things, and so on. He is a great bread winner and is in command at work. I think many women would swoon!

    But when we are playing (and I think this can apply to punishment time as well), then this is a very different matter. Absolutely NOTHING he does or I make him do during such times reflects on his actual character and my actual respect for him. We all have our inconvenient deepest darkest fantasies, and playtime is a “safe space” for us to explore ours without judgement.

    With men like Mr. Lion and my husband, the enjoyment they get from being panty trained is that it is so humiliating. They are not cross-dressers or trans at all. If they were, there would be no humiliation, and it would have no impact. I would gladly “order him” to bathe me as if he were my slave, and he better hop to it or he’ll feel my paddle on his butt! He enjoys the control from me, and my “actual” opinion of him as a real man does not go down in the least. My man does also have a huge love-hate relationship with me “making him” call me “Mommy” during some spankings. It’s like the panties, he “hates” doing it, but it regresses him to a boyhood stage. But there better not be any “Mommy” talk during real life of I might have to stop playing with him, and he knows it.

    I know your situation is different, as there is a more 24×7 element to it and more “real punishment”, but I think many of the same concepts apply.

    So less judgement, Mrs. Lion. They are strange boys. Delight in it!

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      I’m responsible for the “respect” comment. In 2012 I think, you wrote that you lost respect for your husband because he wants you to dominate him. You wrote that you don’t mind because of the trade off between loss of respect and gaining the power exchange you want. This was a long time ago, but reading that made me stop and think. I asked Mrs. Lion if putting me in panties would cause a loss of respect for me. I don’t think I could handle that. Like your husband, I am a professional leader and do well. I am not in great shape; worse now since my surgery. I’m working on it.

      The more I think about it, our relationships are pretty much the same. You use “offenses” as a reason to punish your husband. You also punish him for no real reason because he wants it. We are the same. I respect Mrs. Lion’s decisions. The main reason we are in a domestic discipline relationship is to encourage Mrs. Lion to have more of a voice. She is a “go along” sort of person. I know there have been too many times that she didn’t want what I suggested, but did it anyway. Her authority, including expected punishment is my way of freeing her to enforce her ideas and decisions. And,of course, I want to be spanked, etc.

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        I don’t recall the comment, but NEVER meant to imply I lost any respect for him in real life! There’s a certain “sexual respect” women give to studs in bed. That’s the sort of respect he’s not getting anymore. “Suck my cock, woman!” Is kinda sexy to me were a real stud to say that to me. I might well “respect” and obey (by choice). My gf’s Tracy’s husband John was a great recent example. Swoon! My husband says that to me? Ha! It would be a VERY long session with my strapped-on dildo down his throat!

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          That makes sense to me. I’m not sure that I like losing my Stud status (If I ever had it). Actually, I don’t know what Mrs. Lion would do if I just said, “Suck my cock!” I’m not sure how she would take it. What do you say, sweetie?

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            I say I might give Lion a bit of a hard time but I would do it because I love doing it. But I’d laugh at any other man who said it because I wouldn’t do it for anyone other than Lion.

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    It’s interesting how the meaning of words can change. My wife also didn’t like the term mistress when she started out playing this game as my keyholder and then disciplining wife. Something has changed though either in herself or in what she feels is meant by the word and now she frequently demands that I address her as mistress (in private) and she has become much more controlling.

    She has taken to frequently not allowing me to leave her presence until I have knelt before her and requested nicely and respectfully of ‘my darling mistress’. When she insists on that, on pain of a large number of strokes if I resist, it puts me in an incredibly submissive mindset, and invariably puts the steel cage under immense pressure.

    The other funny thing is that all of my other kinks, and I had a few which my wife tolerated, have been set aside in favour of one – serving my mistress. We have been married for 25 years and my wife has never been as beautiful to me.

    We both enjoy reading your blogs on male chastity and it was a valuable inspiration in getting us started. Thank you for taking the time to write each day and let us share on your adventures.

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      Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you are doing. We all have to find our own path. We enjoy sharing our lives as they unfold. Our posts, I know, aren’t particularly sexy. They are completely factual (with names changed) accounts of our chastity and power exchange. I’m glad we’ve helped you.

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    Welcome to the family!

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