It’s been a long time since Lion had a play spanking

Lion was looking at panties again last night. He wants something that will stay up under his jeans. The thong worked out well yesterday, but the hip huggers probably won’t. Maybe he needs suspenders for his panties too. The panties he was looking at were straightforward with no frills. Literally. They look like my underwear. I see no point in his wearing panties if they aren’t flowered, lacy or frilly. Where’s the fun in seeing him in a pair of undies that don’t look particularly feminine?

The other thing I was wondering was how many panties does he need? He has seven we just bought, the manties he bought a while ago, and three pair I ordered online. If I’m not making him wear them every day he should be set at this point. A few of them might only be worn around the house. If the hip huggers don’t stay up when he’s around the house he’ll just have to keep pulling them up. It’s annoying, but not as bad as if he’s got pants on. He’s already saying he has no place to keep his panties. More will just be a bigger problem. That’s not to say he won’t ever get more panties. If I see something he just has to have I’ll make sure he gets them. He might even get some for Christmas, birthday, and almost definitely Valentine’s day.Tonight I think I’ll have him model his new teddy and thong set. We were both so tired last night I forgot all about the other new things he had. We snuggled for a while and I got him hard and then I think his tiredness got the better of him. Snuggling is always welcome though.

I brought the small Njoy butt plug on our trip but I didn’t use it. When we were anywhere near playing, I didn’t think of the butt plug. And I was also thinking how long it’s been since he had a play spanking. We’ve been putting so much emphasis on punishment and panties that we’ve let other things fall by the wayside. Perhaps it’s time to circle back and have a nice spanking for a change.

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    You could switch out his male underwear one for one.

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