Do You Believe in Magic?

Dare I say it? I think my voice may be almost back. I was talking to the dog as I was feeding her and I think I heard my regular voice. This is welcome news! It’s hard to be a stern lioness if you’re whispering.

When we went out yesterday, Lion remembered to wear his training collar. We stopped for lunch and he was getting ketchup when I gave him a series of vibrations. As he came back to the table he said, “You rang?” I give him vibrations when I want him to know I’m glad he’s remembered his collar. I also do it when he pleases me by reminding me of things we may have forgotten to put on our list or another stop we have to make while we’re out, and just in general when I want to remind him it could also be a zap instead of vibration if he misbehaves. For the most part, Lion is on his best behavior when the collar is on.

Yesterday was manscaping day. The Bella Flash seems to be doing the trick. Aside from a few patches of hair on the front and a few more on his butt, Lion is smooth as a baby’s bottom. The gray hairs that tend to grow on his balls are not affected by the light. I’ll always have to shave those off, but less and less dark hair is coming back.

I wasn’t sure we’d get to this point, despite Lion’s assurances that it would work. He’s had laser pubic hair removal in the past and knows it’s not instantaneous. We’ve been doing it for months and months. With both of us being sick for over a month, we haven’t done manscaping. I guess having just a few patches is a good testimonial to its effectiveness.

Our Magic Wand has been acting strangely lately. When I put it in my toy holder, standing straight up, it loses its charge. We had that happen twice. Then I decided to charge it and leave it laying down. It held its charge. When I checked it again yesterday, it was still good. I’m not sure why it would lose a charge standing up, but we’ll test it again to see what happens. In the meantime, it was available for Lion’s pleasure.

I don’t know what it is about this vibrator. Lion always said vibrators don’t do anything for him. This one clearly does things for him. I started off slowly. Lion often accuses me of “going for gold”, meaning I go straight for an orgasm. I don’t think I ever go straight for an orgasm, but I understand what he means. So slow and steady was my mantra. Lion has a certain spot, just below the head on the underside of his penis that is the sweet spot. I assume there’s a similar spot on most men. When the vibrator hits that spot, he jumps like I’ve shocked him.

I get him to the edge more quickly with the Magic Wand. So quickly, in fact, that it’s almost too far too fast. I think I edged him about three times, when I decided he was going to have an orgasm. I know I said Lion had to be super horny before I’d let him come. What can I say? I lie. I thought I’d get another edge out of him but I want just a shade too far and just kept going. I don’t think of this one as a salvaged orgasm. I never actually stopped stroking after I knew I’d passed the point of no return.

Three weeks into the new year and Lion has already had a ruined orgasm, a salvaged orgasm and a regular orgasm. He’s a lucky boy. Or is he? I made him eat his semen last night. I don’t think he was very lucky at that moment in time.

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    Lucky lion. Your looking after him too well

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