Bruised and Bloody

Lion asked for a play spanking yesterday. I was all for it. It’s been a while. However, as the time ticked by and he hadn’t reminded me about punishment night, it became apparent that there would be no play spanking. At 8:31 I asked him if he had forgotten something. He knew he was sunk. He admitted it was punishment night. Yessirree! I went behind the bedroom door to select a paddle.

Sometimes, when I think I’ve done a pretty good job spanking, Lion says it wasn’t really that bad. The only way to make sure it’s “that bad” is to spank harder than I would normally spank. With the first or second swat, I raised a bruise in the same spot as his last punishment. I tried to avoid it. It even started to bleed a little. I promise I wasn’t near the spot for most of my swats. I did hit hard, but not right there.

Lion says not to worry about it. But I do. I want to hit where I want to hit. Did the bruise spontaneously get darker because I was in the neighborhood? And what’s with it bleeding? That seems strange to me. I guess it will take more practice to hit exactly where I’m aiming.

When I was done, I put a Band-Aid on Lion’s butt and cuddled him a bit. And a little while later I started to edge him. Mr. Broken Lion starts out OK and then fizzles a little bit. I don’t know if it’s something I’m doing or not doing, or maybe it’s something he’s doing or not doing. Last night he asked for the Magic Wand again. I had a better idea.

Lion’s been getting an awful lot of oral attention lately. I don’t mind. I know he doesn’t mind either. I was actually able to edge him a few times last night. I was thinking about giving him an orgasm, but I decided he needs to wait a few days. Maybe I’ll even make him wait until New Year’s eve or New Year’s day. He’s had something like 57 orgasms in 2016. I’m not sure I want him to have 58. However, an orgasm seems like a good way to start off the new year.

Maybe between now and New Year’s day he’ll get really horny again. I’ll do my best to make that happen.


  1. Author

    Poor Mr lion. I hope he’s good up to the new year.or this butt will be sore ????

  2. Author

    Well done!

    I am absolutely sure the Lion will appreciate the taming. The stricter the better.

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