Milepost 3000

This is it; our 3,000th post! I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane.

first chastity device
This is the Chinese chastity device Mrs Lion locked on me in December 2013. It’s much too long for my penis.

The first post, February 7, 2014 “Locked At Last” introduced me to our readers.

For more than fifteen years I have explored the idea of forced male chastity. My exploration started on the Web in the mid 90’s. My first discovery was altairboy’s site. At the time it was filled with how-to guides for homemade male chastity devices, fictional accounts of forced chastity scenarios, and posts by people who spent their time devising ways to escape from various devices. Still, the idea of Mrs. Lion controlling my favorite toy was a very arousing idea. How odd is that? Giving someone the ability to prevent me from enjoying sex is exciting.

Right after New Year I approached Mrs. Lion about the idea of locking me up. She said, “If you want.” Did I! So, I put on the shortest cage and gave her the keys. She looked bemused, smiled and took the keys from me.

I went through a succession of devices until I settled on the Mature Metal Jailbird. We didn’t get it right the first time, the cage was too long. We finally sent my 1-3/4 inch-long cage back to be shortened to 1-1/4 inches. On July 15, 2014 I wrote about wearing the short cage.

I have had this new, shortened one on for three days now without coming off. I miss the opportunity to get hard, but I am not suffering any irritation or discomfort. Even better, my urethra stays centered in the square opening in the cage, so peeing standing up requires no special adjustments. Since

the cage is so short, the head of my penis doesn’t clear my balls, so I need to make sure they are out of the way before I pee. The cage looks impossibly small. I found it hard to believe I would be comfortable in it. It feels fine. I suspect that most cages are ordered too long with the mistaken idea that a short cage will hurt or won’t accept the entire penis. As it turns out, the flaccid penis is very flexible and on its own it will change length over the course of a day. By assuring the cage is a little shorter (1/4 to 1/2 inch) than the penis at its normal shortest, the cage will always stay in contact with the entire penis, including the head.

I’ve been wearing this cage since then. It’s proven to me that a short cage is ultimately more comfortable and practical.

In March 2015 we had been toying with “domestic discipline”: punishment for breaking rules. I was out of work and we were nearly out of money. I was worried and sad. Mrs. Lion was just trying out her authority. On March 4, 2015, this is what she wrote.

This leads us back to the idea that sometimes life interferes with chastity play and domestic discipline. If Lion feels bad about being out of work, why would I punish him for not taking out the trash? (Just an example because I know our trash needs to be taken out. Not that I will punish Lion for not doing it.) On the other hand, maybe feeling my control would lift his spirits. I know the last thing I’d want if I was already feeling bad is to be reminded that I did something wrong. That would be adding insult to injury. You know, your job ends and you walk outside and not only is it raining, but you have a flat tire and a parking ticket. The world is against you. But in Lion’s universe things are sometimes the opposite of my universe. Bizarro for you Superman buffs. Not that he’d want a flat tire and a parking ticket. But he might feel better if he got something he’s been craving and that might just be punishment.

I may be over simplifying things. I may be way off base. I may not know what the hell I’m talking about. That happens frequently. But I’m wondering if he needs more rules and punishment to keep his spirits up. On the other hand, he really liked his reward coupon the other night. So maybe it’s not just punishment. Maybe it’s attention in general. Control in general. And my reaction to him has been backing off to let him sort things out. My support has just been being there for him, which I know he appreciates. But maybe he needs me to be more there. Not in his face necessarily. Just to let him know I’m still paying attention. I see what he does and doesn’t do.

It may take me a while to figure things out, but eventually I get there. I’ve got my eye on you, my pet. And not just on your cute butt.

I had been telling her about my fantasy of control extending beyond my penis. Mrs. Lion was experimenting with punishment. That same month I asked Mrs. Lion to try a female led relationship. On March 25, this is my first report on it.

Over the last year, we became more physically intimate with each other. While Mrs. Lion’s interest in sex hasn’t returned, she enjoys pleasing me and the renewed physical closeness we enjoy. Enforced chastity can be a slippery slope. Once started, other possibilities present themselves. Both of us, for different reasons, enjoy Mrs. Lion’s sexual control. I began to wonder how it would be if we expanded her control. I’ve always been turned on by fantasies of being disciplined. I realize that these fantasies are based on my childhood when my parents essentially abandoned me to hired caregivers. I was never disciplined. So I associate discipline with caring. The thought of it is also intensely erotic for me.

A year and two months into enforced chastity, I asked Mrs. Lion to try FLR3. She bravely agreed to give it a try. Just like enforced chastity, we are starting off with me providing a lot of input. However, this time Mrs. Lion is taking over much more quickly. She immediately recognized that it was difficult for her to spank me with the intention of hurting me. So she gave me “maintenance” spankings every night as a way to gain comfort administering punishment spankings. She told me she is now comfortable spanking me hard and long. That’s where we are  with FLR.

Since then, we have been evolving into our female led relationship with discipline (FLRD). Central to our version is enforcement of rules with punishment. Mrs. Lion favors spanking as her primary form of discipline. I’ve always had spanking fantasies, so the idea is erotic for me. The actual spankings, I quickly learned were anything but sexy.

On May 13, 2015 I gave a 16 month status report on our fledgling FLRD.

FLM is pretty new for us. Neither of us is fully comfortable with it yet. We have established a schedule. Monday and Thursday are punishment days. I get spanked for anything I have done wrong in the days between sessions. Tuesday and Friday are maintenance spanking days. I always get spanked then. We do this in order to help us both get used to the domestic discipline we have decided to implement. Both the punishment and maintenance spankings are not BDSM play spankings. There is no attempt to warm me up. They are intended to help me change behavior. They do. I am much more careful to obey Mrs. Lion and follow my rules.

Given all this power exchange, the way we make decisions hasn’t changed. I still handle the money and can make financial decisions for the two of us. I have never acted autonomously. I have always consulted Mrs. Lion before doing anything out of the ordinary. In the past it was consulting, now I ask for permission. Functionally it is no different. I would never do something that she didn’t agree we should do. That aspect of our lives still works as well as ever.

On April 30, 2016, Mrs. Lion commented on an article she read about spanking children. It got her thinking about me.

The reason the article interested me is because it got me thinking about spanking Lion. Does it do him any harm? I doubt, at this point in his life, that he would turn into a criminal because I spank him. Does it do him any good? I think it might. He’s the one who wants the discipline. He wants to know what he’s doing wrong. What two-year-old can say that? Yes, I know. I call Lion a toddler from time to time. But that’s more of a I-didn’t-get-my-way-so-I’m-putting-on-my-pouty-face sort of thing.

Lion wants discipline for at least two reasons. Number one is his fantasy of having someone control him. Naturally the reality isn’t as hot as the fantasy. 2.0 hits hard! Number two is his desire to change his behavior. He wants to be a better person. For me. Ironically, it was me who had to change into 2.0 in order for him to start changing, but that’s a story for another time. So my theory, and I am full of theories, is that spanking is good for Lion. Granted, it’s a one-subject study, done for less than a year, but I think the logic is sound. And how much money did I spend on it? The cost of a few paddles which weren’t really necessary since we have a ton of other paddles.

Since then, Mrs. Lion has experimented with spanking techniques. She’s also struggled with beating me when I’m clearly angry or unhappy she is doing it. This continues to be her challenge. As recently as a week ago, she commented on her commitment to spanking me “correctly”. On June 29, 2018, she wrote:

From time to time Lion makes mention of the fact that spanking is my go-to punishment. It’s true. I never really thought about it until just now, but how can I move on from spanking when I haven’t perfected it? I like to play games on my iPad. The games either give you goals to accomplish or you earn a certain number of stars for each level you beat. If I’ve been getting three stars on all levels and suddenly I can only get one star it pisses me off. I keep trying until I can get at least another star. Stupid level! You can’t beat me! So it makes sense to keep trying to spank Lion’s butt until I get it right.

Punishment isn’t the only challenge she’s faced in our FLR/Enforced Male Chastity. One, which caught me completely off guard, was that it bothered Mrs. Lion to take me to the edge of orgasm and leave me hanging. On November 17, 2014 she finally overcame that challenge.

I realized last night that something has changed. Almost like the novelty has worn off. When we first started I needed to give Lion orgasms as much as he wanted to have them. I still love to make him come and I still reserve the right to give him a bonus orgasm any time I feel like it. But it seems like I feel less and less like doing it. Now this is not to say that I love Lion less. Or that I’m tired of playing with him. Maybe I’ve just turned some corner and I don’t feel as bad for leaving him hanging. After I was done edging him last night he said he really wanted to come. I told him it was too bad he had eleven days left to wait. In the past I might have given in and let him come. Or I might have been tempted to let him come the next night. I don’t think I’ll do that now. Denying him wouldn’t be my choice, but I guess it doesn’t bother me as much as it once did.

Since then, she has no problem at all making me crazy to ejaculate and then just smiling and saying, “Not tonight.”

There’s lots more; over a million and half more words we wrote about our relationship. I welcome you to go through our archives and read about our adventures.