I really never expected to find myself permanently locked in a male chastity device. I wonder if anyone does. Yes, I love gadgets. Without question, it was my interest in bondage and my curiosity about male chastity that got us started. I still like learning about new chastity hardware, but the novelty of being locked into a device has long worn off.

What keeps me a consenting party to my lockup? A better question is whether I am really consenting or not? I can hear you thinking, “Of course you are. Mrs. Lion wouldn’t keep you locked up if you really didn’t want it.” Is that true? In the strictly physical sense, of course it is. She couldn’t put me in a chastity cage against my will. If she did, I am sure I could find a way out. Even guys who are secured via a piercing could still get out if they really wanted.

Here’s the thing. There’s a new world built around the fact that I remain in a chastity device. Mrs. Lion and I have found a new, deeper level of communication thanks to enforced chastity. My sex life is actually better now that I am physically prevented from sex without my lioness providing it. I’d be stupid to risk losing that.

Beyond the risk of upsetting my world, enforced chastity has opened a door that is forcing both of us to grow. Once I got a taste of sexual control, I wanted to feel more. I also saw Mrs. Lion becoming more forthcoming in expressing how she feels. I believe that for a relationship to survive, both people have to let each other know how they feel. It’s inherently risky to tell your partner that you don’t like something he does. It’s generally impossible to make him change.

Originally I thought that Mrs. Lion could effect changes in me by using longer waits for orgasms as a tool. She is very uncomfortable with that idea and we never really tried it. Well, once she made me wait an extra day. At the time I hated it. But if that happened now, I might grumble a little, but I wouldn’t be seriously deterred.

Enforced chastity turned out to be a great tool to improve our physical, emotional, and sexual intimacy. It’s so valuable that Mrs. Lion has no intention of ever letting me stop. I agree with her. It also turned out to be useless as a way to get her to express what I do that bothers her. It also proved ineffective in making me change.

I suspect that I’m not alone in this discovery. Actually, it’s completely logical. Chastity is a great tool to force both partners to focus on sexual issues. Very few wives will lock her husband in a chastity device and then leave him in it to rot. At the least she will interact with him in order to provide him with periodic release. That, all by itself, is sexual communication.

Being sexually dependent affected me more than I thought it would. Once locked in the device, I can’t get hard or even aroused on purpose. At times I will try to get an erection based on a sexy thought. But not much can happen when I do. Once I learned that I couldn’t influence Mrs. Lion to get me off when I felt I really, really needed to come, I realized that I am totally dependent on her for sexual release. Perhaps more importantly, she realizes that too.

The odd thing is that even when she lets me spend some time as a wild lion (no cage on), nothing changes. Both of us understand that cage or no cage, I will not have any sex that doesn’t come from her. I’m trained to depend on her. I haven’t jerked off in three years. I don’t even consider it when wild. All I do in the shower is get clean.

Enforced chastity is a very powerful tool in terms of a power exchange in a relationship. It hits a man at his most sensitive spot. His keyholder gets absolute control of his sexual pleasure. But it isn’t magic. In my case, at least, the control begins and ends at my penis. Fortunately, Mrs. Lion has other tools for non-sexual control.

[Mrs. Lion – Just a reminder…..it’s my penis.]


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    Really nice post and it hit home on several levels. Happy New Year to you both.

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      Thanks Drew. I appreciate the response. Happy New Year to you both too!!

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