A British product that may prove to be my undoing.

I admit it. I’m dangerously curious. When I hear about something related to sensation play, I want to experience it. This often leads to my downfall. Case in point: the training collar. I heard about using one to zap someone when a correction was needed. The idea aroused me, pervert that I am. So, I didn’t rest until I had one.

Mrs. Lion is a very agreeable soul. She is happy to try any harebrained idea that I suggest. That, as you may recall, is how I ended up locked in a chastity device for the last three years. Most of my ideas get tested and then put aside. This explains our enormous paddle collection. I just can’t help myself.

Some of these discoveries, usually the ones I find particularly onerous, end up a part of our regular activities. Icy Hot and other menthol rubs applied to my balls and perineum is a prime example of something I truly regret suggesting. Mrs. Lion is quite fond of painting a broad “racing stripe” of the stuff from the base of the penis, down the seam of the scrotum, all the way to my anus. Ouch!

In that same vein, I read about Linnex. This is a capsicum, menthol, camphor compound in a wax base. Rubbing just a little from the handy applicator is supposed to be far more intense and long lasting than the other nasty products that have been applied to my nether region.

This product is very difficult to find. Amazon lists it but only offers an email if they ever get it back in stock. I should have left well enough alone and abandoned the search. But no, this big cat is way too curious for that. I finally found a UK site that took my order and money via PayPal. Of course they were closed when I placed the order on Christmas Eve. Maybe if they refuse my order, I have another reprieve. But you know me. I won’t drop it until I give some to Mrs. Lion.

This is absolutely a classic example of curiosity killing the big cat. Of all the nasty things that Mrs. Lion has at her disposal, menthol products to my most sensitive area ranks close to the top of things she can do that I truly hate and fear. If you wonder what tops the list, it’s doll house clothespins applied around the head of the penis. Those little devils are diabolical. The springs are very strong and the force is applied to a tiny area. Regrettably, these infernal toys do no lasting damage. They just hurt like hell. Guess who found those and bought some for Mrs. Lion? Yup. Me.

I am the author of my own undoing. You might think it’s because I want pain. No, that’s not it. When I hear about something new, I just want to experience it. You know the old saying: Act in haste; repent at leisure. Well, for me it’s buy a toy in haste; suffer forever.


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    Did Mrs Lion ever try this out on you?

    1. Yes she did. I hated it! Oh, well, I loved it too.

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