lion gravy
Applying lion gravy. It’s very hot and spicy.

I’m  curious about hot stuff. You know, things like Icy Hot, Ben Gay, and other menthol and capsicum products that make me burn miserably when Mrs. Lion applies them to my nether regions.

I had the bright idea that I could make custom heat, designed to be perfect for torturing me. This isn’t as crazy as it sounds. The commercial products are really not meant for the way she uses it. So I logged into Amazon and got going.

First, you need the heat. I found pure capsicum oil. This stuff is liquid fire! Handle it with extreme care. Seriously! A tiny bit left on your finger can burn any part of your body you touch. Wear nitrile gloves at all time when handling it. Also, it is an oil, so it doesn’t just wash off. You need to use soap and lots of water if any gets on your hands.

Next, you need an oil so you can dilute the capsicum. I chose coconut oil. Mrs. Lion and I found a liquid version for the purpose. Finally, you need containers to hold the end product. I found some nice, blue, two-ounce dropper bottles. Since the bottles come in sets of two, I decided to make two strengths of heat.

Before getting to the chemistry lesson, it may be helpful to explain why I embarked on this seemingly-masochistic project. One of the lowest energy ways to torture your male partner is to use safe-but-painful chemical agents on his penis and balls. Most of the over-the-counter muscle ache preparations are blends of various creams with the active ingredient being menthol. The maximum legal amount of menthol (in the US) allowed in these products is 5%. The cream base for most of these is washable.

Any 5% menthol product, when applied to balls, penis, perineum, or anus will provide about fifteen minutes of intense burning sensation. If too intense, washing with soap and water will reduce or eliminate the pain. There are a couple of products that add capsicum to the mix. These products are a nuclear solution. Most are incredibly painful and the pain lasts for much longer. Unlike the menthol products, washing will usually have no effect on the sensation.

These products shouldn’t cause permanent damage. Of course, like any products applied to the skin, a “patch test” should precede wider application. A small amount rubbed into a little square on the balls is the way we do the testing. Most of these products take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to produce the desired results. Wait at least a half hour to make sure there isn’t any allergic reaction. Hating the burn doesn’t count as an allergic reaction. That’s what the stuff is for.

Capsicum can cause injury if it is improperly used. Anything you do with this stuff is at your own risk. I am not advising you to try this.

hot stuff kit
Lion Hot Sauce These are the needed supplies to make custom hot sauce.

Now back to the lab. Capsicum, full strength, is dangerous to apply to any sensitive skin. It must be diluted before use. I wore nitrile gloves (latex is dissolved by oils). I filled the 2-ounce blue bottles almost to the top with coconut oil. Then, I used the dropper that comes with each bottle to put three drops in the “Hot” bottle. I held my finger over the bottle (don’t put the dropper back just yet. It has capsicum sticking to it), and shook it to mix in the capsicum. I then found a finger on a glove that wasn’t wet with capsicum and rubbed a very small amount into a little patch on my balls. Then I waited.

Capsicum takes at least fifteen minutes to begin working. Eventually, I felt the warming. I waited another half hour. The spot was very warm, but not really burning. So, I added two more drops of capsicum to the bottle. That made it five, in total. I repeated the patch test on another spot on my balls. Fifteen minutes later it was starting to burn. It wasn’t horrible. It shouldn’t be. After all, I only used a tiny amount. It was clear to me that if Mrs. Lion put some on a larger area, I would be wishing I never had this idea. I carefully washed out the dropper, returned it to the bottle, labelled it and declared success.

Since I have two bottles, I figured that I might as well give Mrs. Lion a stronger solution. I put seven drops of capsicum in the second bottle of coconut oil. I repeated the patch test with this version. Fifteen minutes later, it was burning! I was very glad I only added two more drops of capsicum. My balls were still painfully burning an hour later.

Please note that we are talking about 5 or 7 drops of capsicum to two ounces of coconut oil. This is powerful stuff. The coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin. If anything, it magnifies the effects of the capsicum. Bathing does not usually relieve the burning. The only antidote I have ever heard about for capsicum is milk. I’ve never tried it.

People have different levels of sensitivity to this stuff. That’s why patch tests are essential. Another critical factor is level of arousal. When Mrs. Lion has me extremely aroused by edging me over and over, the burning feels very mild. As soon as the arousal starts to decline when she stops playing with me, the burn comes back full force. It can bring a guy to tears.

Using this stuff requires experimentation. Mrs. Lion usually starts by painting a narrow “racing stripe” from the base of the penis all the way down to my anus. She uses very little of the material. Then she waits. If my response isn’t as intense as she intended, the racing stripe gets wider with a more liberal application. After each application, she rubs the stuff into my skin. When she did her “racing stripe” with a strong menthol rub, you could actually see a red stripe from the penis all the way into my ass. The burn felt like it covered a much wider area than the actual application area.

Capsicum is very different from menthol. It is sneaky. The burn grows very slowly. There is no sensation for a while; quite a while. Then it gets going. The intensity builds up slowly over several minutes. When it reaches its maximum, it just keeps burning for a long time. The effect fades slowly. I felt the extra-strength lion liniment for more than an hour after application.

It’s a good idea for the top to wear a nitrile glove while applying. You only want this stuff where you aim it. Accidentally rubbing your face will result in a very unpleasant surprise.





  1. Author

    I don’t think I will mention this to my Queen. She loves slathering icy hot all over her coco and balls. It’s a favourite way of punishing me. I don’t need stronger stuff. My Queen will put he icy hot on several times in an hour. I figure that works well enough! lol

    1. Author

      You mean she doesn’t read the Journal? Don’t you owe it to her to have every tool at her disposal?

      1. Author

        I suggested she read this journal and a couple of others. She declined. It’s not her way of doing things. I write a journal almost every day! I also tend to put things in there that might come back to bite me in the ass–so to speak. lol. In that way I’m very much like you. Who knows maybe one day I’ll present her with a little bottle of custom made hot oils.

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