Not What I Had Planned

Last night didn’t go quite as planned. We started playing early as planned. I tied Lion’s balls nice and tight and started the beginnings of a hand job. The plan was to give Lion an orgasm. The plan was to edge him several time first. That’s where the plan fell apart.

The past few times I tried to edge Lion didn’t go well. He was too tired or we started too late. He sort of fizzled out. He always apologizes when that happens. There’s nothing to apologize for. The play is for him. Sure there are times I’d like to give him an orgasm, but if I can’t for any reason, it isn’t a big deal. We’ll try again the next night.

Lion always jumps to the conclusion that he must be broken if he can’t “perform”. Even if he’s been horny for days on end. Even if I just edged him the night before. Nope. That’s it. Out of order. And I’m sure he thinks it’s for good. Put the Lion out to pasture. No one will want him anymore. Humph! I know he’s not broken. And I prove it to him every time. It may take a day or two, but I don’t give up easily.

So I tied his balls last night knowing that he likes that. Bondage of any sort usually turns him on. And he was already hard from the minute I touched him. It should be no problem at all to edge him. Well…I guess I didn’t do a very good warm up. It was harder to get him to the edge than I thought it would be. And then as I’m getting him closer, I don’t want to let up because I don’t want to lose too much momentum. And then, boom! I stopped too late. It would have been a ruined orgasm if I hadn’t started up again to salvage it. Damn! Not what I had planned at all.

The original plan was to give Lion an orgasm on Christmas eve and Christmas day, and then another on New Year’s eve and New Year’s day. He balked at that. Too many orgasms in too short a time. OK. I get that. I’m going to keep at it though. I’ll edge him every night for a few days and maybe New Year’s eve my plan will come to fruition.