The Language Of Power

This past weekend was a peaceful one. We had local errands to run but no required destinations. We went to Costco, the grocery store, and had lunch on Saturday at a local barbecue restaurant.  There was nothing sexual on Saturday night since I came on Friday. Today, Sunday, I’m not feeling particularly interested in sex. Of course that can change as the day goes on. We have lioness and lionscaping planned for today. I will be removing Mrs. Lion’s very light leg hair. She will be keeping my pubic area bare.

I know that some people consider personal service to their disciplining wife / keyholder a sexy part of submission. It has never been part of my fantasies. I think of it as a way I can do something to help make Mrs. Lion’s life easier and more pleasant. Activities like removing her leg hair aren’t sexy to me. Well, she doesn’t find keeping me hairless sexy either.

So many accounts of male submission feature elaborate pampering routines for the dominant female. They also include descriptions of sexy outfits, high heels, makeup, and other accoutrements. I’ve never understood the appeal. That means our D/S activities are based on things applied to me and not on how Mrs. Lion looks or how I personally serve her.

D/S has a language that spans verbal, visual, and sensation expression. There are many dialects. Some include leather costumes and six-inch heels. Others have catch phrases and words that resonate with the  participants. On top of that there are the actions that evoke submissive or dominant behavior. Submission to some is powerfully symbolized by providing personal service and unreciprocated sexual pleasure to the dominant partner. Bathing, shaving, and massaging the dominant partner is a significant turn on to many. Others fall into a submissive/servile state by performing these tasks.

I’m not wired that way. I don’t think Mrs. Lion is either. My big turn on is losing control. That’s why I get very aroused with Mrs. Lion ties me to the bed. Wearing the chastity device also feeds that kink. So, while some guys get very aroused bathing their partners, I am aroused when tied down or blindfolded. Different strokes..