And So It Goes

My post yesterday about being annoyed at Lion for suggesting that I gave him an orgasm because I wasn’t feeling well when he wanted to wait until he was feeling better is further proof that our communication is not quite where it needs to be. Later in the day he was annoyed at himself for not being horny. Still later, he wondered if my giving him an orgasm when he wasn’t particularly horny was similar to his giving me one when I didn’t really want one. It’s an interesting theory. Of course, neither one of us knows exactly how the other is feeling, but now that he’s said it I think I understand him a bit more.

And so it goes, through the blog and through our casual conversations, Lion and I are learning more about each other every day. We’ve never really fought about anything. We do annoy each other from time to time. We tend to go off to our own corners and stew about it for a while and then meet in the middle of the ring again and duke it out, so to speak.

“It bothers me when you say X because Y.”
“I didn’t really mean it like that. What I meant was Z.”
“Oh. I didn’t think about Z because a while ago you said Q.”
“Well, yes, but don’t you remember we decided Q was really J?”

Then abracadabra we are back to not being annoyed anymore.

Sometimes one of us (read: me) writes about it in the blog and then it hurts the other one (read: Lion) and the misunderstanding is there in black and white. I make Lion look bad because I hadn’t thought of Z, Q, or J. I get a burr under my saddle and I’m off and running. And Lion is left back at the starting line wondering what happened. Poor Lion. He puts up with so much from me. And I don’t mean my making him wait for an orgasm, or spanking him. He likes those things, even if he doesn’t like them at the time. I mean my tendency to misunderstand him, among other traits that annoy him. (He wants me to take better care of myself like eating salad or going to the doctor when I need to.)

No relationship is perfect, but I wouldn’t trade ours for anything. Misunderstandings, annoyances and all.