Busting The Blue Balls Myth

OK, Mythbusters, here’s one that comes from the Huffington Post podcast on male chastity had several interviews on this topic, including us. In that interview, one man claimed that he couldn’t do enforced chastity because he got so horny that he couldn’t pay attention to work. There it is; the blue ball excuse. Guys have used this excuse in many guises to wheedle sex from a reluctant girl. Remember high school and college? They continue to use it with their wives to get a little action when horny.

How true is this claim that when in heat, human males are so distracted by the need for sex that they become unproductive drones? Enforced chastity is a very good way to test this claim. Once locked in, sex of any kind is impossible. Anyway, this guy in the podcast said that after only a few days of lockup he was consumed by sexual thoughts. He was unable to think about anything else.

Since we can’t be inside the heads of others, we need to look at this claim from the outside. First, do human males lose any ability for voluntary action when too horny? That can’t be right. If it were, the number of traffic deaths would go up dramatically. Who hasn’t been horny while driving? We do manage to keep our jobs and avoid killing our spouses even when tree-humping horny. We don’t know of a case where a guy had permanent damage when he doesn’t get an orgasm, even for an extended time. And my balls, at least, don’t turn blue. I searched and couldn’t find any references to a male spontaneously combusting out of sexual need.

So why did he feel that he couldn’t continue wearing the device because sexual need overwhelmed him? My theory is that he found the idea of his cock locked up very exciting. He obsessed over his sexual fantasy coming true. Also, saying he couldn’t wear a chastity device because it got him to aroused is a nice excuse to take it off and masturbate.

I suspect that the main reason he unlocked was because he had no one holding the key. He found the idea of a chastity device hot. He got one and put it on. It turned him on and he got into the idea of a locked cock. So he took it off. It was too exciting. Classic blue balls.

We males not only fool sexual partners with the blue balls excuse, we fool ourselves as well. For the record, nobody dies of sexual desire. Physically, our bodies manage sexual deprivation with morning wood and sometimes wet dreams. Unejaculated semen is absorbed back into the body. We have no ill effects from long term abstinence. A few days without ejaculation certainly isn’t going to hurt any guy.

The reason I had a problem with including this comment in the podcast distracts from the actual facts about enforced chastity. It wastes time with a patently silly case of blue balls. There’s nothing wrong with buying a chastity device and wearing it until you want to take it off. I couldn’t consider that chastity, much less enforced chastity. It’s temporary bondage for personal amusement.

My point is that blue balls is a myth. Being horny without relief can be a bit painful and certainly frustrating but it isn’t a medical condition. If it were, I’d have died from it in the last two years I’ve been locked up. But see? I’m still alive and horny. This myth is BUSTED!




  1. Author

    I agree with your opinion. Without a determined keyholder there is no chastity. Short term lockups enhance arousal, they prolong but are without consequence as a timely unlocking will come soon. I have cried myself to sleep because of the blue ball driven frustration. I have pleaded and argued, all it got me was a very sore bottom and extra days.
    I think most attempts at chastity fail because no test lockup can prepare you for the long term lock ups. The first time is extremely tough as even with a good fit that unusual feeling of the cage will remind you, at least it did with me, chastity was a masturbation fantasy for me though I did not really know what it truly meant due to the bogus “chastity” porn on so many sites. That plus porn addiction and resulting out of hand masturbation just had me overwhelmed during the first lock ups. Had I had the power to unlock me, that would have been the end of it. Perhaps it’s generally harder for us younger men as our sex drive is still at its peak?

    1. Author

      I agree that age makes a big difference. I think that’s why the majority of caged males are over 40. At least I think so based on my reading.

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