Away Games

My new paddles arrived yesterday. I just had to take them out for a test drive. Not only that, but I also had to decide which paddle to use for away games. I was debating between the hairbrush and the new silicone slapper. I asked Lion which one hurt more. In a head to head taste test, he chose the hairbrush as having the most bang for the buck. Secretly, that was the one I was rooting for. And I think even if he had picked the blue one, I would have selected the hairbrush. It’s just a tiny bit smaller but, more importantly, I was worried the silicone would be likely to fold, spindle and mutilate in my bag. And it’s a little more conspicuous. Not that anyone looks in my bag, but a bright blue something is more likely to catch someone’s eye than a hairbrush-looking thing.

So I now have the accoutrements for punishing away from home. We just have to figure out the logistics. Lion likes the idea of doing it where there is a potential of being discovered. Meet me under the bleachers after fifth period. He says it adds to the humiliation. I’m not really into humiliation. Since there’s a potential for my arrest, I’d rather not have people watching me assault him. On the other hand, how many women would cheer for me as I whomp Lion, secretly wishing they could do it to their significant other? And how many men would wish they were Lion at that moment? It’s an interesting conundrum. No, this is something that needs a lot of consideration.

While we’re out and about today, Lion’s away game will be controlled by the shock collar. I’ll bring the paddle with me as a backup. I’ll start to look for possible venues for not-so-public punishment. It may be as simple as parking further out in a parking lot. I don’t know. I’ll keep my eyes open and see what we can find. The only thing I am sure about is that with Lion there will always be need for more experiments.

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