In the spring a boy’s thoughts turn to sex. Who am I kidding? A boy’s thoughts are on sex year round. He may not think about it every second of the day, but Lion thinks about it a lot. I guess you can’t help it when you carry a reminder strapped to your penis. No matter how comfortable it is, from time to time you move and it announces its presence. I’m guessing. I never wore one. And it certainly wouldn’t be strapped to my penis if I did.

I was having some trouble coming up with an idea for a post today. Nothing really unusual about that. I don’t think about sex and play as much as Lion does. Not being in the mood for sex, it doesn’t cross my mind as much as if I were horny too. I do try to have some plan for a weekend. Unfortunately, I don’t have any plans for this weekend. I’m sure I can think of something, but right now I’m clueless.

Last night Lion was not really in the mood. He apologized this morning. I told him there was nothing to apologize for. He can’t always be “on”. And snuggling is perfectly fine too. So he told me he likes when I tell him what plans I have for him. They set the stage and get him thinking. And thinking gets him horny. And a horny Lion is a happy Lion. To a point. So my job right now is to think of things I can do to my sweet Lion that will get his motor running.

I won’t suggest diapers. He hates them and since I think it will be a nice weekend, full of chores and running around, I don’t want him in diapers. Whew! Dodged a bullet there, Lion. The shock collar can see some action though. I should have used it last weekend. Lion has been asking for punishment closer to the crime. You can’t get much closer than a good zap exactly when the infraction occurs. Stops him right in his tracks every time. And I think some anal play is in his future. I’ve allowed that to fall by the wayside in the past week or so.

Those are a few ideas off the top of my head. I bet they got Lion’s attention. He’s looking forward to every zap, I’m sure. Silly boy.

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    Now I can put a voice to your posts–makes thing a little more real. Now if you’re out and about this weekend and the shock collar is on you might play at disturbing his speech– zap him with a mild level when he’s speaking with a clerk or cashier… Will get his attention and allow for randy thoughts! lol. For punishment raise the shock level a bit. Just thinking out loud.

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