Hoisted By His Own Petard

I admit, even with all the toys we have, I’m running out of ideas. Lion has asked to have more consistent anal play, so last night I decided to peg him with his own weenie. It’s the silicone clone we made a long time ago. I think it’s slightly smaller than he is when fully erect. (It’s difficult to maintain a stiffy when you’re surrounded by gooey silicone.) But it’s still enough for him to feel it. And when I move it in and out, it’s more difficult for him to take. It was only about a 15 minute session, but I kept at it even though I could tell it was getting uncomfortable.

He has to get used the the motion if he’s going to graduate to the fucking machine. Today we’ll move to the dungeon for some sling time and I’ll use the actual dildo that fits on the fucking machine. It’s definitely longer than his clone, but I think the thickness is similar. In the sling, Lion is more exposed and the angle is better. I should be able to get the dildo deeper and it will be easier to move it. Actually, in the sling, I give him a push and he swings back to me. It’s really less work for me.

I can even get some ginger ready for sling time. Once I heat him up with that I can move on to dildos. I’m thinking I’ll try a few different dildos today. Maybe work my way up to the fucking machine one. I have many choices. All the way from smooth to textured. Maybe he’ll be sorry he asked for more anal attention.

Yesterday, in the afternoon, I unlocked Mr. Weenie so I could do some manscaping. Lion has been particularly horny lately. He asked if I wanted to lock him up when I was done. I said I’d leave him unlocked until after his shower and he could clean the cage too. I asked him if I could trust him in the shower with a soapy weenie and no supervision. He said he didn’t know. I told him if he came out of the shower any less horny than he went in he’d be in trouble. In the past I’ve told him that if he cheated, that would be the end of caging. Yesterday I told him he’d be punished for cheating. What’s the right answer?

Luckily I don’t think I’ll ever need to decide what the appropriate punishment is. Lion is a very good boy. As horny as he is, I don’t think he’d ever cheat.

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    The Van Wartenberg pinwheels are cool toys! Ty them on Lion.

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