Rear Attention

fucking machine
This is a fucking machine I was given to review many years ago. You mount a vacu-loc dildo on the little stub in the opening. Then straddle the machne and it moves up and down at any speed selected by the controller. I have never reached the point that I could stand very much time on it.

It’s been quiet here in the lions’ den.  We’ve done our food shopping yesterday and have a broken lawn tractor to deal with today. The sun is shining and the temperature was almost 70 deg. F yesterday. More of the same is expected today. Mrs. Lion mentioned that she hasn’t been disciplining me much lately. That’s true. When she said that, I said that it was because I was being so good. She rolled her eyes and said it was because she was being lazy about calling me out and then spanking me. While we were talking, she made a sour face and said we have opera tickets next week. I love opera. She doesn’t even like it a little, but she endures it albeit not too gracefully to please me. We moved from New York nearly a decade ago. There, I was able to enjoy Broadway shows, symphony, and opera at the Met. She hates all of that too. Now we live in a west coast cultural desert where any scrap of good music is manna for me. Enough whining. What we lost in culture we gained in natural beauty and a mild climate. Perhaps one day we can fly east and stuff ourselves on good food and fine music.

I was out of my cage Friday night and all day Saturday. Most of the time I forgot that it wasn’t on. I’m so conditioned to wearing it that I have to stop and think before I realize that there is nothing between my penis and the rest of the world. Of course, I’m locked up again; back to the lion status quo. My interest in sex has been surprisingly light since my two-days-in-a-row orgasm fiesta. By now, three days later, I should be over the shock and ready to go again. I probably am but need Mrs. Lion’s touch to wake up my sleeping beauty.

After reading her post yesterday, I think more than my penis will be getting exercise going forward. That will be fun. Sometimes Mrs. Lion gets into a bit of a rut when it comes to play. When she realizes it, she starts to feel that I am getting bored and worries about mixing things up. Since most of the things she considers adding for variety cause some measure of discomfort, I sometimes like the rut a lot. On the other hand, I have missed anal play.

For me, anal activity runs in phases. When we start again after as little as a few weeks rest, my anus returns to a virginal state and any insertion is uncomfortable. If we continue on a regular basis, say every other day, I quickly learn to relax again and Mrs. Lion can use larger objects and eventually begin pegging me. This is not a comfortable process for me, but it does meet a need, possibly masochistic, that I have.

Some years ago we were sent a fucking machine (see image above). This device is a “riding model”. A dildo is mounted on the vacu-loc fitting (patented by Doc Johnson) and then I straddle the padded bench and allow the dildo to penetrate me. Of course the dildo and I are well lubed first. The machine will fuck at different speeds. I have to be well broken in before I can stand this machine. It came with an eight-inch-long, 1 3/4 inch-thick jelly dildo (pink, yuck). We’ve only tried it once or twice. Each time I couldn’t stand much motion at all even though I could accept the dildo. Of course, those times Mrs. Lion was not really determined to train me to be pegged, so she stopped immediately when I whined.

Recently, she mentioned the machine. Once she conditions me again to more easily accept objects up my ass, I expect that we will move down to the playroom where she will start my machine training. I don’t think she has any goals in mind; she rarely does. But she has been learning consistency in terms of teasing and edging me. I can easily see her transferring this learning to my anal training as well. Anal penetration holds a lot of powerful symbolism. It unmistakably identifies the penetrator as the dominant partner. Shoving things up someone’s ass and pegging him is an exercise in pure power. I don’t think she sees things this way, but I do. I suspect most guys do as well. I’ll update you when she begins attending to my anus.