I May Have Been Wrong

Since we started enforced chastity, I’ve believed that some of the common threads in male, enforced chastity fantasies were nothing more than wishful thinking. The one that bothered me most was that the act of locking a male into a chastity device would instantly turn him ultra-subservient. Locking up his penis supposedly has that magic power on all males. I’ve been locked up over two years and I have not undergone that metamorphosis, at least until now.

I had an orgasm yesterday. The wait wasn’t exceptionally long, even for me. My average wait is between 10 and 14 days. But something has changed. As I’ve reported, I was incredibly horny. Sex was constantly on my mind. I get morning wood that goes on for a half hour or more. I wanted to come more now than I ever have in my life. This is counter to my typical pattern. I usually get more and more horny every day until the sixth day. Then, my need recedes slowly until I finally get an orgasm. On the occasions when I have waited over two weeks, I feel able to keep waiting with little discomfort.

It’s different now. Every day I wanted sex more than the one before. According to Mrs. Lion, I put on a show of humping air and groaning when she edged me.

As I mentioned earlier, the big fantasy is that the male’s personality changes when he surrenders control of his orgasm. Before this past week there’s been no observable personality change in me related to my need to come. But now there is a very noticeable change. I’m much nicer. Without any conscious effort on my part, I find myself being more patient and kind. For example, yesterday we went out for brunch. My food arrived cold. Normally, I would growl and be somewhat surly to the server. Hungry  lions can be quite grumpy. Not yesterday. I was kind and patient and felt fine waiting until hot food replaced the cold.

I asked 2.0 if she noticed the change. She agreed there was one. I asked her if she had any idea why I changed. She said that maybe I wanted to come so badly that I didn’t want to take a chance on delaying it by behaving badly. That sounded reasonable until I thought more about it. When I orgasm has never been dependent on how I behave. If I am naughty, I get punished; my orgasm day doesn’t get pushed out. If I am extra good, I get praised but my orgasm date doesn’t move. Once, in 2014 Mrs. lion did delay my orgasm by a day, but since then behavior and orgasmdays have not been connected. I haven’t been taught that my behavior has any relationship to when I get to ejaculate. In fact, wouldn’t Mrs. Lion have an incentive to make me wait longer if she liked the changes she saw in me?

In direct opposition to my earlier thinking, my change may not be related to my surrender at all. It may actually be organic. My extreme need for sex may trigger changes in me that make it nicer to be around me. That makes Darwinian sense. The more appealing I make myself, the more likely a female will want to mate with me. These changes may be rooted on a very deep, involuntary level.

I wondered why this hasn’t happened in the past. I think the reason is the emergence of 2.0. Her willingness to disregard my protestations of need not only makes me wait longer, but convinces me on the deepest level that I have no control of when I can come. Couple that with daily edging that is far more extreme than in the past, and the combination moves my need for release to an entirely new level.

In addition to the increased sexual stimulation, 2.0 has upped the ante with our BDSM play. Anal activities now have a clear purpose: 2.0 is preparing me for anal pegging with our fucking machine. She doesn’t pay attention to when I want to stop. She continues until she decides I’ve had enough. The same is true of edging. She risks ruined orgasm over and over by pushing me to the point when I am sure I will come. She is genuinely enjoying the show I put on to try to get off. Knowing that I am entertaining her with my desperation makes me feel more owned by her. She is making me involuntarily do things to entertain her. That is a huge change from the old Mrs. Lion.

I realize that the more desperate I get, the kinder I will be and the more entertaining my air humping, and other efforts to get off will become. If I were 2.0 I wouldn’t let me come any time soon. Why spoil these fun changes in her lion? She wondered why I was thinking that she wouldn’t let me come in March. She told me that she never gave any indication that would be the case. Since 2.0 isn’t particularly motivated by pity for my circumstances, she is most likely to keep me waiting until biology causes my interest to drop off noticeably.  That’s very unlikely to happen in the next week or so.

I was wrong. Yesterday when we played in the sling, after a lot of edging and extended anal play, 2.0 let me orgasm. You just can’t predict what 2.0 will do.

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    I think the edging has a way of uping the ante (so to speak). I find it makes me hornier and more anxious to get release.

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