Consistency Pays

Friday night, as Mrs. Lion described in her post, I experienced a symphony of pain and pleasure. Her application of equal quantities of wooden clothespins and plastic clothespins had me whimpering with pain. As she put them on, she masturbated me. By the time she finished putting them on my balls and perineum, I was very close to orgasm. Just as I thought I would reach the promised land, she stopped jerking me off and pulled off a clothespin. Clothespins hurt more coming off than they do going on. The combination of stopping just as I was ready to come and the sharp pain of the removed clothespin was very intense. My interest in orgasm disappeared immediately. 2.0 resumed masturbating me and when I was again ready to come, off came another clothespin. She repeated this until she was out of clothespins and I was a lion puddle of unfulfilled sexual need.

She’s been edging me every night for over a week now. I’m hornier than I can ever remember being. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to wait for more than a week. It’s also not the first time I’ve been edged every day. The difference this time is that 2.0 seems to really enjoy seeing me desperate to come. She takes no prisoners. She edges me over and over while teasing me about wanting an orgasm. If in the past I was super horny, Mrs. Lion would get me off. 2.0 has no interest in that. She wants to keep pushing me and enjoying the horny lion show. I hump the air, whimper, and groan loudly when she stops stimulating me. I get the feeling that the orgasm I had on March 10th is the last I will see until April. I’m sure that no matter how badly I need to come, I won’t get one before the scheduled “maybe” date of March 23.

Twice yesterday, I earned a penny which 2.0 deposited in the lion bank. Each penny is good for a cluster of swats next time she decides to punish me. Each cluster is at least eight hard swats. Before becoming 2.0, Mrs. Lion would let up or stop if I was too uncomfortable. Those days are gone too. I’ll get my full share of hard spanking.

As a former top, I know how difficult it is to be consistent with rules and discipline. Observing and punishing for offenses is distracting and takes up time better used for other things. 2.0 is apparently willing to make the extra effort. I respect that consistency. It helps me. I think the reason I am so out-of-my-mind horny is the combination of consistent discipline and teasing. Add the sure knowledge that she won’t let her soft heart stray her course, Mrs. Lion is deeply affecting me.

I got a sample Depends adult diaper in the mail yesterday. I saw an ad about a month ago for free samples and a coupon and figured it would save some money. I have no illusions that there are no diapers in my future. It’s just a matter of when 2.0 decides to make me wear them again. I wonder if 2.0 will be stricter about diapers as well. Mrs. Lion let me sleep without one and when we went out, let me take the diaper off and wear regular underwear. It is more difficult to sleep in a diaper. It’s hot and I sleep (and do everything else at home) naked. So, my soft-hearted lioness let me sleep bare. She also worried that a diaper would show under my jeans when we went out. I’ve had to wear one under my jeans in the past and no one noticed. I remember peeing while standing in the middle of an aisle at Target. It was a truly odd sensation. But no one was the wiser.

It may be my personality, but I prefer not having many exceptions to rules or orders. I really like consistency, even when it makes things harder for me. Of course, sometimes exceptions have to be made. One example is my collar. I find it hard to wear in bed. My neck starts to feel itchy. Maybe I just need to get used to wearing it. 2.0 has been kind enough to let me remove it when it bothers me too much. That’s the sort of exception that makes sense to me. I am grateful for her understanding.

It’s a fine line between lenient and sensible. A strict 2.0 isn’t lenient, but she is very reasonable. I suppose it is a function of training for me to stop needing exceptions. But then training takes thought, time, and energy. My lioness has a limited supply of all of those things and has to decide for herself where to apply those very scarce commodities. That’s purely up to her. I can say that from a sexual perspective she has me tree-humping horny all the time. What’s more, she clearly likes keeping me that way. As far as I can tell, this translates to a lot less opportunities to ejaculate from now on. I can deal with that.