Saturday night Mrs. Lion unlocked me so that we could try our Clone-A-Willy kit. This kit says it will allow you to make a perfect silicone copy of your erection. I admit that I was intrigued by this idea. Mrs. Lion said she wanted it so I could see how it would feel to be fucked with my weenie. Given the size dildos she has used in my ass, I guess feeling my own, much smaller member will not be a big deal. For my part, I was curious what it would feel like to have a clone.

The process of cloning my weenie is fairly easy. First you mix an algenate batter that hardens to a flexible negative image of the object inside it. Your dentist uses this stuff to make castings of teeth. You know, that slimy tray of stuff you bite into. To prepare, I took a Cialis a couple of hours in advance. I wanted every advantage. Naked, I went into the kitchen. Mrs. Lion put a cock ring around the base of my penis (to help keep me hard) and then proceeded to make me hard. Once hard, we took the tube that the kit came in and measured along the tube a section that would be about the same length as my cock. We cut the rest of the tube away. We had our mold. Mrs. lion mixed up the molding compound while I maintained my erection. After mixing, she poured it into the tube and I put the tube over my cock and tried to keep it centered. To help me stay hard (you need to be in the tube for two full minutes), Mrs. Lion tickled my balls. I love that! When the two minutes were up, I felt inside to see if the gel had hardened. It had. So I gingerly removed the tube. I looked inside. It did indeed look like the imprint of my penis.

Next, Mrs. Lion mixed up the two-part silicone solution and we poured it into the mold. We set the mold aside. The directions say to leave the silicone in the mold 24 hours until it feels solid. About 14 hours later, it felt solid and we decided to unmold the silicone tribute to my mighty weenie. It came out with a bit of encouragement. It looked like my erection. They only thing was that it was short; about 4 1/2 inches long. I could tell that it was my full weenie since there was a good impression of the ring I had around the base of my penis. Mrs. Lion says I am longer than that and probably wasn’t fully hard when being cast. I hope so. She promised to unlock me later and take a picture of my two weenies, side by side. If it turns out that the clone is accurate, my ego will need some adjusting. Mrs. Lion assures me that she likes me just the way I am. I hope so. If I have just held reality in my hand and studied it up close (can’t do that with the one attached between my legs), my manhood has suffered a mighty blow.

Interestingly, Mrs. Lion has been referring to my penis as my/her weenie. She’s never called it “your mighty cock” or “Godzilla” or “Big Bob”, so with my clone on top of my dresser mocking me in its minnie me grandure, I have to agree that weenie is the correct noun. It also is a bit humiliating to have her call it that. I like that part. So far she hasn’t told me that I have to refer to it that way too from now on, but I expect she will. You can judge for yourself. The image on this page (click it for a much larger color version) shows my weenie and its clone side by side.  We will try again to get a more accurate representation. Mrs. Lion did point out that the present clone is just fine to peg me with, so I will at the least feel my own penis up my ass and possibly in my mouth. Aren’t I a lucky lion?

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