bondage sling
This isn’t my sling, but it is very similar. Ankles and wrists are attached to the four chains so they are up high and out of the way. Click the image for naked picture of me in my sling.

As she promised, Mrs. Lion strapped me into my sling on Sunday afternoon (explicit nude pictures of lion in his sling). It had been quite a while since I had hung there. It took a bit of time for me to figure out how to “mount up”. Once in place, Mrs. Lion attached the ankle and wrist restraints. I had almost forgotten how exposed I feel hanging there with my legs up and wide apart and my butt hanging over the edge of the sling. Mrs. Lion had access to all of my naughty bits.

She began by removing my cage. This is the first time she removed the cock and ball ring. Usually she unlocks and removes the penis cage and I rake off the ring. When I am locked up, the process is reversed with me putting the ring back on. Once unlocked, she got some lube and proceeded to make my butt nice and slippery. She started with her fingers. It hurt at first. I am really out of practice! But she is persistent and discomfort aside, I was able to take three fingers. She then switched to a double dildo and inserted the rather large “male” end into me. That took some time and effort. Over the months I had “forgotten” how to take large objects. She followed the double dong with a 1 3/4-inch diameter, 8-inch long dildo. I got a good bit of it in before I had to ask her to call it quits. Anal play takes time. I know it won’t be long until I can take it all and she can peg me with it. Sunday, the pegging (fucking) motion was just too much. I never really learned to like that in -and-out of the dildo, but with practice I am sure I will.

While she pegged me, she played with my penis too. I don’t know if I got hard or not, but it was a nice distraction from the anal sensations. I asked about the double dong. Mrs. Lion said that she would like to use it, but the sling was too high for it. I made the sling easily adjustable, so one evening this week we can adjust the height for comfortable pegging. This will be a new experience for both of us. I hope she likes it and can orgasm that way.

After insertion time, Mrs. Lion took a nice long spanking break. My buns were hot and burning when she finished. She is an amazing hand spanker. She can do me in with her bare hands. She also used some assorted toys including a flogger. I should point out that flogging someone in a sling is not easy. The sling and hanging chains get in the way, plus balls and penis are out where they can be hit too. Flogging balls and penis has to be much gentler than the butt. She did as well as she could. We also have a spanking bench. She may want to use that for her next flogging. I like the “thuddy” feel of the flogger on my butt and back. It is almost like a massage. She followed the flogger with playing with my penis and edging me with her mouth. Oh that felt so good! She went a bit far on her last try and I felt myself starting to come just as she took her mouth off of me. Being the kind lioness she is, she immediately used her hand so I wouldn’t have a ruined orgasm. All that play, plus having to wait a few days made my semen production quite copious.

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion mentioned making me wait as an idea to get me to have more forceful ejaculations. I have been doing Kegel exercises daily and there is some improvement in ejaculation, but it still oozes out. I think this is a function of my age more than anything else. I can’t believe I am saying this, but as a caged male, I think I should have to wait longer between orgasms, at least for a trial period. It isn’t that I get pride in how long I can go without an orgasm, or how I think being deprived will make me more attentive. It’s that I wonder how it will feel when I finally get to squirt. And  I do wonder how things might change with longer denial.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my interest in sex seems to follow a cycle. I don’t know how long this cycle is, or if it is regular, but I have periods when I just want sex every day in every way. Then I go through some time when I am happy to have sex, but not really driven to it. I am currently in a fairly quiet period. This could change overnight. It has in the past.

At this point in our chastity relationship I think Mrs. Lion has her own ideas how she wants things to proceed. Earlier, I was concerned that I was driving it through things I said or wrote. You know, topping from the bottom. I don’t think that’s true any more. So regardless of what I say or write, we are now following Mrs. Lion’s plan. I am very happy we are.