A Penny Buys A Lot At Our House

We have a lion bank now. When I do something wrong, Mrs. Lion deposits a penny or more sometimes.  On a punishment day that penny is exchanged for a lot of very painful swats. When I first suggested the bank as a way of keeping track of small offenses, my thought was a penny bought a swat. Mrs. Lion disagreed. To her way of thinking, a penny buys an appropriate punishment for the offense. So, on Monday night there was a lonely penny in the bank. I had eaten first on Sunday. That penny bought me at least ten painful swats. Talk about inflation!

Lioness 2.0 has made it clear that she is here to stay. I’m glad. It’s still unclear exactly what this means in terms of our adventures, but there is no doubt that changes will continue to be made. I don’t want her to feel extra pressure to do things just because she believes I expect 2.0 to meet some standard. The change I am seeing most is that she has taken more ownership of her role and is much less dependent on what I say. The other significant change that is emerging is her increased planning. She is observing me and our situation and then adjusting her approach to make things work better.

The latest example of this is her decision that she has to “help” me sleep better, Her plan is to tire me out more. Her technique is apparently to increase our D/S play and my edging. Yup, that will certainly drain me. There was a conspicuous absence of additional orgasms as a way to further tire me out. I’m not a bit surprised at that. In fact, she seems interested in making my orgasms less frequent as a way to keep me seriously horny most of the time.

Based on her post yesterday, 2.0 wants me to be better able to accept spanking. It’s true. I do hit the ceiling when she hits that spot on my left cheek; at least with her current choice of weapons. She thinks that more “practice” could help. Maybe. I’m surprised that I have such a sensitive spot. Should she avoid it? She could hit lower. The sensitive spot is on the highest point of my butt. The area above my thighs and below that spot is prime territory since that is where I sit. Maybe she will consider that as a solution.

No matter what she decides, I am grateful for the attention and even at times I hate what is happening, I know I am the luckiest lion in the world.

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    Be careful about hitting too high on the butt, at least with anything hard. That tailbone would be a nasty thing to injure…

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