Swat Bank

swat bank
Lion suggested that if I spank him for no reason, those swats could go into the swat bank for future offenses. No way!

Yesterday Lion said he was being a baby about waiting to hear about the job he wants. They told him it would take a week to hear anything further. Additionally, he’s confirmed that the hiring process can drag on for months. Of course he wants to know right now. When he admitted to being a baby, I almost told him babies wear diapers and he should be careful about his behavior. After reading this morning’s post, I wonder if that was the reaction he was looking for. [Lion — Uh oh.]

I figured he’s been on edge about the job. I didn’t want to add something he hates to the mix. He even asked recently if we could lay off the CBT. I’m guessing that request was because he wasn’t very horny and didn’t want that sort of play adding insult to injury. [Lion — I was just tired of CBT and wondered if we could do other things.] The past few days he’s been horny again, but I know he’s still worrying. I’m just getting a lot of mixed signals. Are we playing or not? Does he want to be edged or not? And, yes, I know I’m in charge, but I’ve been deferring to his moods lately. It does neither of us any good if I’m jerking him off (or at least trying to) when he’s not in the mood.

However, last night I did do something a little different. It was punishment night and Lion had nothing on his list since I had taken care of infractions the same day they happened. I congratulated him on not having anything on his list and then I told him I was going to swat him anyway. Why? I think the better question is why not? I didn’t swat him very hard. I used my hand and it was the opposite hand I normally use so I really think it hurt me more than it hurt him. Now that I think about it, he never thanked me for swatting him. Hmmm…. I guess he has something to be swatted for tonight.

A little later in the evening, Lion interrupted me. I said it was a good thing I’d swatted him earlier. It’s almost like I knew he’d need those swats. Perhaps I’m just a shade clairvoyant. He said it was good to have a bank of swats saved up for future infractions. I don’t know if I like that idea. I do like the idea of whomping him “just because”. I think maybe the bank of swats would be similar to waiting to punish him. If he received swats on Tuesday for an infraction he didn’t commit until Wednesday, wouldn’t that have the same effect as punishing him Thursday for something he did Wednesday? I’ve been trying to punish him closer to the infraction as he requested so it would have to biggest impact. No pun intended. [Lion — She’s right. Prepunishing would have no value in sending me a message.]

Nope. I think a bank of swats is a bad idea. I will, however, continue to do “just because” swats whenever I feel like it. Lion can always use the practice holding still. And I need practice perfecting my placement and effectiveness. We both have lots of work to do.

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