Yesterday was orgasm day. I’m sure you will hear about it from Mrs. Lion later. I’ve been thinking about some recent changes that lioness 2.0 has displayed. This past weekend she showed a remarkable resolve to accomplish what she started out to do. This ranged from putting 35 clothespins on my balls, twice to pegging me and painting my balls with a menthol rub. She said what she was going to do and she did what she said.

The remarkable part is that she was undeterred by anything I said or did. This was particularly clear when she did the anal portion of her program. She started out with a very small butt plug. That went in easily and she did some pegging with it. Then I asked about the new dildo we bought that will eventually end up on the fucking machine. This dildo isn’t a monster. It’s the same diameter as my penis. It has a skin-like cover that slips a bit. It’s supposed to add reality. We got the dildo because of its size. It’s about seven inches long. She got it in a short way when it started to hurt me. I’m really out of practice. We haven’t done much anal play in a long time.

When I complained, she pulled it out a bit, but I could feel it continue to move in and out. Instead of keeping it withdrawn, she kept moving in and out and slowly going deeper and deeper. She got it more than halfway in before she stopped. The big change in her behavior was that she didn’t stop trying to go deeper and she maintained the slow in and out motion; something I have always hated. I have to admit that after a while I began growing used to the sensation. We agreed that I need a lot more practice. We agreed last time we did anal play too but it was over a month before we tried again. Given lioness 2.0, I am sure there will be regular practice on a much more frequent basis. The new lioness is much more consistent than version 1.0.

On Sunday after we came home from a short shopping trip, I went straight into my office to do something. I didn’t undress first. A few minutes later when I went into the bedroom, Mrs. Lion said that I was not naked. I agreed and said I didn’t think she cared. She said that she does care and there is now a punishment on the list for Monday. I was a little surprised. I really didn’t think she paid attention to the state of my dress. She never comments on it. I often wear a t-shirt (and nothing else). She said I could to keep warm. I’m starting to think that I am taking advantage of this loophole even when not cold. After all, naked is naked. Just sayin’.

Mrs. Lion also mentioned our lion piggy bank. She said that if I did something she really didn’t like, instead of a penny she could deposit a nickle or a quarter. I mentioned that each cent equals a swat. She said not necessarily so. She was still thinking of how to use the bank. Ok, here goes another lion suggestion. And yes, I will almost certainly be sorry for making it. The reason I suggested the bank was to simplify dealing with small offenses. Dropping in a penny or two doesn’t require remembering what I did when punishment day comes around; just that I get a swat for each cent in the bank. When we are out, Mrs. Lion can either give me the money to deposit or put it in another pocket and drop it in when she gets home. On punishment day, open the bank and count the change. Easy peasy. I figured it would simplify things for my lioness and assure that my training was consistently enforced.

Over a year ago we tried little notes with offenses that got dropped in a bowl and then read and punished when the time came for punishment. That didn’t work at all. It proved to be too much trouble. I really do love consistency even if it hurts. Someone tweeted a slogan yesterday that struck me as true: A meaningful spanking begins after the pain becomes unbearable. That’s true for me.

The last week or so has found me hornier than I can remember in a very long time. My arousal has been accompanied with numerous nocturnal attempted erections. The only change is Lioness 2.0. I truly need the stronger, more consistent lioness 2.0.



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    I think you have opened another can of worms with your “suggestion”. If I were Mrs. Lion I would take it as gospel and make you regret opening your mouth.

  2. Author

    What part of keep your mouth shut do you not understand.

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