Increased Activity

After 2.0 removed Lion’s butt plug and we’d been snuggling a while, he said it wasn’t at all what 2.0 said she had planned for last night. 2.0 never said what the plans were. 2.0 said perhaps Lion needed more activity to tire him out, but never said when that activity would be. 2.0 is careful to keep Lion guessing. As soon as Lion starts figuring things out, it’s time to change tactics.

I will say that Lion will have more activity tonight. It wouldn’t be hard to have more activity than a butt plug for a few hours, but I think he’ll enjoy himself. It’s all relative, of course. He won’t like what I do while I’m doing it, but he’ll appreciate the fact that I’m doing something. He might even like the idea of the activity before and after. He’ll definitely be happy that 2.0 is soldiering on whether he wants to or not. She’s not without her softer side. She did give up the other day when it was clear Lion wasn’t interested after eating too much. There’s a difference between not wanting to play and not being able to play.

I think that’s what slowed 1.0 down. She couldn’t reconcile between Lion wanting something beforehand and then saying it hurt too much during. 2.0 doesn’t seem to care. She figures if Lion was silly enough to ask for it he must really want it. If he can’t take it, it’s his problem and not hers. I imagine 3.0 won’t wait for him to ask. She’ll just come up with ideas on her own and tell Lion she’s going to do them whether he wants to or not. But she isn’t here yet and we don’t know if she ever will be.

Something for Lion to look forward to? Or something for him to dread? Either way he won’t have any choice.