Tired and Happy

Sleeping lions
We both slept well after a day of heavy lifting and Lion’s orgasm

Lion is correct. We did a lot of lifting and crawling around on the floor yesterday. All for a TV so Lion can see Wheel of Fortune from the kitchen table. Well, that’s not entirely true. I have long said I get tired of watching TV in the bedroom. I wished we could use the living room more. That prompted the “small” 32 inch TV we rarely used. With the addition of the huge screen, I’m hoping we actually spend more time in the living room. Ya know, living.

The bad part is that when it’s time to play we need to go in the bedroom anyway. Last night we were both so tired we watched some huge TV and then went into the bedroom to watch less-huge TV. I’ll need to work out the logistics of play time/TV time. It’s silly to have invested in this enormous TV only to watch while we eat, and football games when the season is almost over. I’ll work it out.

On Friday, Lion was worried about what evil thing I’d have him doing this weekend. Since he had to wear the diaper one weekend and the shock collar the next, he was worried. At that point, I hadn’t thought of anything. And we’ve been running since we got home Friday night, so I haven’t had a chance to think about it yet. And here we are, Sunday already. I guess he didn’t get his evil thing for the week. Poor thing. I’m sure I can come up with something throughout the week.

Lion assumed I wouldn’t have the energy to give him his orgasm last night. He carefully checked his calendar throughout the day to see if it changed. I wouldn’t have changed his date unless I was really feeling horrible. Mrs. Lion 2.0 takes the advice I give Lion (suck it up, Buttercup) and soldiers on. Lion got the continuation of the ruined orgasm he had the other night. And I got more of the yummy treat I got from it.

Last night, he went to sleep a tired and happy Lion.