Tired Lions

Mrs. Lion didn’t write a post yesterday. The reason was that we were both very busy making some changes around the house. Last week we bought a TV stand at Ikea and then on Friday night bought a large screen TV. It is a very large screen for us: sixty-five inches. So, we spent the day yesterday rearranging, assembling the TV stand, and finally unpacking and wiring up the new TV. We started before 10 AM and didn’t finish until 6 PM. I spent the day wearing clothes; it was dusty and I had to crawl around. It felt odd wearing clothes around the house.

I’m writing this Saturday night. Today is my scheduled orgasm day. So far, the date on my calendar stays fixed on today. I wonder if Mrs. Lion will want to postpone. Stay tuned for the update in her Sunday post. I am very excited about the new TV. The old one was way too small for me to clearly see the action during a football game. I had to keep asking Mrs. Lion what was happening. Now, with this giant TV (it’s UHD!), I can see very clearly.

What does all this have to do with enforced chastity and FLR? Not a damn thing. Well, maybe a little. Mrs. Lion made the decisions and directed my activities. She also decided which TV we would buy. I did the technical research and decided that a Vizio series M would be the best. She concurred. I expected we would buy a 60-inch unit. That’s what we discussed and it was on sale at Costco. When we got there, she said that we might as well buy the 65-inch model. It costs more but she decided we could do it. We were lucky. We got the last one they had.

Slowly, very slowly, we are shifting the balance of power in our relationship. I should say that Mrs. Lion is shifting the power. My part is learning to accept what she chooses to do. I’m trying very hard. We haven’t reached the point when Mrs. Lion will encourage acceptance with her paddle, but I think Lioness 2.0 will be more observant and strict.

Saturday is a good example of our evolution. Mrs. Lion is far more willing to make decisions. If she has a plan on how things will evolve, she hasn’t shared it with me. I think she is also reading more blogs. I think that reading will reinforce her direction. I know we are now in our third year of enforced chastity. We are both comfortable with it. But we are relatively new at FLR and domestic discipline. Unlike enforced chastity, where the chastity device provides a focal point that keeps us on track, there is no such symbol to assure we won’t just stop.

My cage provides me with security that our positive changes will remain and even grow. But I have no such physical assurance that FLR and domestic discipline will continue and grow. Part of the reason I am concerned is that I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion sees any value in it beyond doing something that I want. Until she sees benefits for herself, I wonder if she will continue. Maybe I am just worrying for nothing, but I am concerned.