That Was Easy

I finished mowing the lawn this morning. Well, I’m calling it finished. There’s a little left to do, but the lawn mower kept stalling and I was ready to be done so I gave up. I can always drag the lawn mower back out another time. Right now, I’m resting until our next Aerogarden is delivered and I need to put it together.

Lion suggested Chinese food for dinner last night. It’s expensive but we usually get two dinners and a lunch out of it so it’s really not too bad. We don’t get it that often and it’s a nice treat. The problem is that Lion was too full to have any fun afterwards. We snuggled and I let my fingers wander anyway. It was fun for me and he said it felt good. Win-win.

As Lion said in his post, we’re getting another massage table. I had actually thought about bringing the one we have into the bedroom for some reason. I don’t remember if I thought it would be easier to wax him in the bedroom next time or what my thought was, but it was interesting that we were both thinking about the massage table. He says it will make things easier for me. I guess if you consider dragging it out, setting it up, and then dragging it back easier, then he’s right. I’m not convinced. I do agree we need to get out of bed, but for a different reason.

For years I’ve said we shouldn’t do everything in bed. We eat there. We watch TV there. We have sex there. We sleep there. A long time ago, I read an article by a sex therapist that said bed should be for sex and sleeping. I told Lion this when we were in New York. We didn’t have a television in the living room so that idea went out the window. When we moved to Washington, we had a television in the living room and we still watched TV in bed. I brought up the idea of using the living room more. Lion was all for the idea. And we still watched TV in bed. It was probably about six months ago that Lion brought up the idea of moving sex out of bed. I countered with moving everything else out of bed. He said it was a great idea. I fixed up the living room to make it enticing. And we still watch TV in bed.

I know when I’m licked. We’ll do everything in bed except sex. I’ll schlepp the massage table in and out of the bedroom so we can have sex there. It’ll be easy.