I’ve been thinking about a new rule for Lion. It may even break into two rules depending on how it works out. There are actually two issues. Both involve TV.

In general, Lion watches what Lion wants to watch. I let him. In the past I’ve gone to play games on my computer while he watches shows he likes to watch that I don’t like to watch. He doesn’t like when I leave him alone like that so I’ve been staying with him and just not really paying attention to the show.

The problem is that there are shows I like to watch that Lion doesn’t like to watch. So I don’t watch them. There are some things on our DVR that I wanted to watch so I recorded them, but I don’t get a chance to watch them. The few times I’ve watched something I like that he doesn’t, he leaves the room. I don’t mind. If he doesn’t like the show he shouldn’t sit through it. But it does seem like a double standard that he can leave and he doesn’t like when I leave.

I don’t want this to be a bigger deal than it is. It’s obviously not killing me that I can’t watch those few shows. It’s just an annoying thing. Having said that, Lion has announced that he doesn’t want to watch the Super Bowl because he hates both teams. Me too! But what if I want to watch? P.S. I’m watching whether he does or not. [Lion  – Actually, I do want to watch the Super Bowl. I just don’t like either team.]

That was the minor issue. The other issue is when he tells people on TV that they’re idiots. He knows they can’t hear him so that’s not the problem. It usually happens when he doesn’t like a show as much as I do. Or when he’s making fun of local newscasters. No, we aren’t in New York City anymore and the talent here is not as good. But also, the NYC newscasters screw up from time to time too.

We both make fun of commercials but when Lion makes comments in the middle of a show it’s distracting. And, more importantly, it’s just not good Lion behavior. A rude Lion should be punished. Right? Right.

So the two changes to Lion’s rules are thus: I should get to watch shows I want to watch with minimal push back from him. And he should be punished for rude remarks he makes at the TV. (He has a similar rule that is not often enforced. He should get punished for rude remarks he makes to fast food workers and anyone else he encounters in public.)

This should keep both of us busy for a while.


  1. Author

    You Go, Lioness! He says that is his point in FLR, and I suspect when he adjusts to the reality he will realize it is good, so do it! I think accommodating wives need to stand up for themselves more often for everyone’s good. Guys are not ones to respond to subtlety. Better a hairbrush to the butt than even a mildly frustrated lady at my side.

    I just wish my late wife had more strenuously let me know her preferences. Only when she was gone did I realize how many times I ignored them. Funny how that happens. Hindsight is 20:20. No, I am not sad, just another of many bittersweet memories.

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    I am far more concerned he (or anyone) thinks it is appropriate to be rude to fastfood or retail workers.

    People working hard for little pay and so many people feel they are beneath them and they can treat them like trash. If you want to know the true character of people, see how they treat people working those jobs.

    1. Author

      Lion just lets his frustrations get the better of him sometimes. If he orders something a certain way and he doesn’t get it, he tends to get feisty. He never worked fast food so he doesn’t know the horror stories of things some workers do to get back at rude people. Since I’ve simplified his ordering process and explained that a rude Lion will not be tolerated, he’s been a good boy.

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    When my key holder is watching a show she likes i, more often than not, will be massaging her with lotion and kissing her all over. It doesn’t always end with me getting to pleasure her or her teasing me (although the massage with her naked is a tease in itself). When finished she will tell me to pleasure her or she says thank you, that will be all I need tonight. She rocks!

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