Lion does not like the idea of being wild for an extended period of time. I’ve been looking at it as a reward. He does not. He wants to feel my control. Yesterday I hit upon the idea that he should have to do some task while he’s wild that would allow both of us to get what we need out of the deal. My first thought was that he should have to get himself hard in front of me every hour on the hour. However, we both think that might be a slippery slope because he has not been allowed to touch himself sexually since shortly after he was locked away. I wouldn’t want to encourage any bad habits now.

I won’t say I’ve exactly been wracking my brain for ideas, but so far I’ve been coming up short. I know we have a cat collar, which I believe has a bell on it, that I could have him wear instead. That way he’d still have some sort of restraint on and he would jingle as he goes, but he would be somewhat wild. Of course, my old standby, diapers, are always a possibility. I’m pretty sure he would feel my control if he was wearing one of those. It’s difficult not to when you’re sitting in your own pee. I’ll keep thinking, but so far those are good options.

Last night Lion looked very nervous when I brought out the bag-o-fun. I made a show of pulling out the tiny clothes pins. Pretty pink ones and baby blue ones. I had no intention of using them, but he didn’t know that. I settled on the wooden ones although some had the sandpaper material on them. I know some of them were in tender spots, but it certainly wasn’t too much for him. Even when I brought out the Magic Wand and started vibrating the clothes pins, he took it like a trooper.

I edged him quite a few times and I don’t know how he managed not to come. I purposely went very close. It’s difficult to tell how close sometimes when I’m using the vibrator. But Lion held off. After three days with no play, he did very well. I was just about to tell him to put the ring back on, within five minutes or so of playing, when he gave me a strange look. I asked what happened and he wondered if I wanted the ring on. I was giving him a chance to calm down. I don’t like trying to jam him back into the cage. I’m more likely to pinch him when we rush it. We’ll have to find a happy medium. Or he’ll have to live with getting pinched. Life is full of compromises.

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    I understand Lion’s thought process. As much as I like being unlocked (or wild as you call it), there is a certain need to feel the loss of control. We are wired in such a way that when you think you are being nice, our submissive brains see it the opposite way. For me when she’s nice, it’s mean and when she’s mean, it’s nice.

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