An Off Day

two clothespins on hand
It’s easy to test the strength of clothespins by applying them to the web between thumb and first finger. Here are the tiny dollhouse clothespin and the slightly larger one that Lion has been wearing up until now.

Last night, after I unlocked Lion, he asked if we could skip the clothes pins for the night. I was surprised. They were his idea and usually it’s me who skips days on things. I’ve been trying to keep at it. He said he was just having an off day. I asked why I unlocked him at all. I said if we weren’t going to do the clothes pins I should just lock him back up. He said he would rather be locked up with no play at all than have to endure the clothes pins. Wow! That’s big for him.

I’m not sure what was going on, but I agreed to skip it for the night. Not forever. Lion said he needed to be aroused anyway before I give him pain. I had planned on getting him excited first, but he really seemed like he needed the break. It was a little difficult to get his motor running. I just chalked that up to his off day and kept trying. I’m glad I did. Eventually he did get hard and I was able to edge him a few times. Of course, then I pushed my luck and he had a ruined orgasm. Damn. The only good thing about ruined orgasms is that I get a little cream filling. Every time it happens I think I should have just kept going to a full orgasm. I think of that long after the fact. Too late. Maybe next time. [Lion – Fat chance.]

One thing I did remember to do is bring the other tiny clothes pins out so we could compare them to the ones I’ve been using. In my mind, they were similar in size. In reality, the ones I’ve been using recently are bigger than the original ones. I tried them on the web of skin at the base of my thumb. It was difficult for me to decide which one was worse. Lion tested it and said the larger ones are. I’m not sure if it’s because they are stronger or if it’s the surface area that makes them worse. Only experimentation will tell. He says the smaller ones will allow me to get more on him. True, but if the larger ones are tougher to take, there is some rationale to using them instead. Naturally there’s nothing that says I have to choose one over the other. I could mix and match to my heart’s content. Poor Lion.