Device Envy

We’ve settled back into our “normal” routine. Monday night I was unlocked and teased and then about half an hour later, relocked. Later, we snuggled for a long time. I was sorry that my cage was on. Her hand was so close. I don’t know what made me think that if the cage wasn’t thee that she would play with my penis, but that thought was front-of-mind. Of course it would be. Less than an hour earlier I had been edged over and over by the Magic Wand and Mrs. Lion’s hand. Sex was really on my mind! I know, I know. Sex is always on my mind.

Other bloggers talk extensively about their chastity devices. They have shiny tubes from Germany and Canada. I can’t help but wonder how it would be to wear one of those. I’ve been comfortably locked in a Mature Metal Jail Bird since March of 2014. I’m not complaining. It’s completely comfortable and very easy to keep clean. It’s probably the most popular of the custom chastity devices. I can attest to the fact that it works and there is no doubt it controls my ability to get hard or get off. That’s what it’s for and it is a total success.

All of the others are more difficult to keep clean and, in the case of the tubes, harder to put on. They are also very expensive and would require the normal adjustments to get the fit right. We can’t afford the cost at this point. I am not sure that even if cost was no problem, if I want to deal with the additional trouble a different device would create. But I still wonder what it would be like to have one.

In years gone by, I sampled a lot of custom and off-the-shelf devices when I was reviewing them. It was fun. Of course, the truth is that I rarely see the device anyway. Mrs. Lion sees it a lot more than I do. The one I have is a perfect fit; my penis touches the sides and end at all times.  Talking yourself out of a change, Lion? Yup, that’s what I’m doing.

The solid tube fans like the idea that the penis is completely hidden. Some keyholders want their males to “forget” what their penises look like. I suppose that you could call that visual chastity as well as functional chastity. It’s a concept that Mrs. Lion and I never considered. I suppose that to incorporate loss of penis visibility in our lives, I would have to be blindfolded when wild. If she likes that idea, we don’t really have to change devices, just blindfold me when not caged. I get a very uninteresting view through the bars.

I’ve wondered if keyholders who prefer solid tubes also aren’t very fond of the way a penis looks. It’s no secret that some keyholders like enforced chastity because it hides the penis and limits the need for contact. I know that’s not true of Mrs. Lion, but it is for others.

There aren’t really that many different designs for male chastity devices. That is partly due to the fact that demand is pretty low and also because effectively keeping the penis locked and unavailable dictates one of two basic designs: a container to hold it or a belt that completely encases the genitals. I’ve tried both and the belt is impractical for me. The container, in my case a cage, has proven to be practical and comfortable.

I am curious and a little envious of those shiny tubes. I think it is more a case of the cage is shinier on the other guy, than any strong desire on my part. I admit that the idea of being blindfolded and never allowed to see my uncaged penis is appealing. I don’t know how that will make me feel. It will also mean, if Mrs. Lion chooses to try, that I will have to be caged all the time I am not blindfolded. I can see her rolling her eyes now. Just a thought, Mrs. Lion. Just a thought. [Mrs. Lion – Yup, rolled my eyes]



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    You know, you are likely right about the cage is always shinier on the other guy. For me, having the Canadian one, it’s a bugger to get on only in that the screws are small but after some practice it’s easy, but, it was about fit and I wanted to go somewhere to be measured and have a design say so that I didn’t get with the German. If you are ever in that area, it’s worth going to be measured!

    You device is very practical and “easy” which appeals to me too. Plus, from all indications here, it looks pretty good on you 🙂

    1. Author

      Why thank you! My do-it-yourself measuring wasn’t too bad, really. I just made the mistake of getting the cage too long. Since my experience and adjusted cage, Mature Metal and I have revised suggestions to make the cage much smaller so that the penis is in contact with the sides and tip at all times. It works well for me. But…I really like your shiny, new tube.

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    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to find the ideal device for myself. The choice has pretty much been limited to a simple ringless tube-type device, secured with a PA piercing, because I find even the minor restriction of any trapped-ball device to be too troublesome, and beside I’m pretty sure that I can slip out of any that doesn’t have a piercing to secure it.

    There are several vendors, and I’ve tried a few of them – some are so ridiculously expensive that I can’t bring myself to spend the money (even though I’ve spent several time the amount in false attempts). Over the years, I’ve pretty much settled on the Lori devices, but they’re quite heavy. She’s sending me yet another one that I think will be The One, because I’ve optimized it for light weight (commensurate with security, of course). If it works, I’ll send back all the other ones so she can sell them (I get about half the purchase price back).

    I like the Lori devices for a couple of reasons. First, there is the aspect of full coverage. Even though it may not be completely necessary for security (as in cheating), I do like the security (as in blanket) that I get from being completely enclosed. Also, the open head PA-5000 (and the MouseTrap clone that I’ve made) both seem to promote quite a bit of stimulation of the glans against my clothing – and not the erotic kind, either. Having the bars surrounding the head just feels more comfortable.

    Another reason I like the Lori devices is due to their imperfections. They’re all hand made, by a (chaste male) worker with a TIG welder and lots of grinding and buffing wheels, and as a result there are asymmetries and other irregularities that, while not detracting from the jewelry appearance, still give, for lack of a better term, and “organic” appearance to the pieces. Of the one’s we’ve tried, my wife definitely likes the Lori devices the best, even though she can’t (easily, anyway) put them on without my help.

    I must say, though, that Drew’s Steelwerks is quite a beautiful piece of kit…

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