Deck the Balls

When I got home last night, Lion had dinner cooking and a nice fire going. Since we spend most of our time in the bedroom, the fireplace doesn’t get much use. On chilly nights, I think it’s fun to have a fire. It reminds me of ice skating and winter when I was growing up.

Lion and I had a short discussion yesterday about the clothes pins. I thought it was excessive to do them every night. He agreed that it didn’t have to be every night. So last night when I brought out my bag of tricks, he said he thought we’d decided not to do the clothes pins. I told him I could still do them if I want to. Instead, I pulled out the Velcro. I asked him which was worse and he said the clothes pins are worse. So he was lucky it was just the Velcro.

After the Velcro I did pull out some clothes pins but mostly just to threaten him with them. Rather than put them on I decided just to pinch him. He looked offended at first. How dare I? It’s my weenie. Who says I can’t pinch it? Should I put the clothes pins on? He didn’t like that idea, so I pinched him a few more times for good measure. Between the Velcro and the pinching, he seemed to be slow getting hard for me, so I pulled out some rope. A little ball bondage usually does the trick. Even with his balls tied, though, he seemed less than turned on. Time for my mouth to give it a shot.

As I was working on him I was thinking about not really edging him. I wanted to get him somewhat close but not quite to the edge. Then I decided I wanted to see if I could give him an orgasm without really moving up and down. I know I can turn him on this way, but I’ve never actually tried to take him all the way. I’m always looking for new ways to do things. I’m not sure an orgasm can ever be boring but I try to vary my technique so it can’t possibly be boring. When he started bucking almost imperceptibly, I knew I had him.

His new date is December 1. He was originally scheduled for two orgasms in November and he had at least four. He’s got at least four scheduled for December. It is Christmas, after all. We need to celebrate. Deck the balls and all that. Deck the balls? Sounds like more bondage and/or big clothes pins. It’s a good thing I have a big bag of tricks.

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