The Gift That Keeps On Taking

The holidays are here in the U.S. Christmas is a week away and people are shopping madly. In a previous post I suggested that a good gift for a man who wants to try enforced chastity is a donation toward a custom chastity device. I don’t think it is a good idea to buy him one. It’s very hard to get fitting right and you would probably give away what you planned for a surprise if you start measuring his cock.

Actually, if your partner has at one time or another let you know he was thinking about enforced chastity, the best gift is free. You can’t wrap it and present it to him, but you can make him very happy.What to do? Start dropping hints about sexual control. You know, “Hey sweetie, I was thinking it might be fun to only let you come when I tell you.” That will set his little heart going pitty-pat. You can escalate too. Play with him and get him close to orgasm and then very sweetly tell him, “Not tonight, dear. Let’s save it for when you really want it.”

You get the idea; little messages that suggest you want control of his penis. See how he responds. You may find that your macho partner really does want his little weenie owned by you. Worst case: you will get some puzzled looks. Chances are that he will be intrigued. If he responds positively, or neutrally — he doesn’t strongly object to your small efforts at control — then keep on trucking. Try asking him to give you a nice oral orgasm. Then, when you are done, kiss him sweetly and tell him that if he keeps on being good he will get his turn. Roll over and go to sleep.

No doubt that behavior will be puzzling to him. If he continues to accept your control,  you are both on your way. There’s no rush to even mention a chastity device. He may surprise you and ask for one. This may sound sneaky to some. It really isn’t. Sexual control fantasies are deeply felt and very often never expressed. The gift, you see, is providing a positive environment to allow him not only to express his fantasy, but to live it. It takes time to feel safe being so vulnerable. You are making it possible for him to allow that inner desire for sexual control to come out and play.

There’s a chance he will hate sexual control. OK, chalk that one off your naughty list. My guess is that even if surrendering sexually isn’t his thing, your gentle attempt at controlling him will give him a chance to express his sexual fantasies. Whether you end up as his keyholder or not, you’ve opened the door to new, very-interesting possibilities. Have fun!