As you know, Lion has been having a rough time being itchy and grumpy. Last night he wanted to try playing. With the help of the Magic Wand, I was able to get him fully aroused and almost to the edge before we had to stop. I think it’s a good sign. He thinks he’s still broken. Good thing it’s what I think that counts. But it doesn’t actually.

I think, and I said this the other day, that his broken-ness is partially in his mind. If he believes he’s broken, then he will be. What is it, 99% of sex is mental? Something like that. When I tie him up, his mind goes to the restraints and the loss of control, and he relaxes. Then he can be aroused more easily. Ta da! No more broken Lion.

I’m not saying the itchiness is all in his mind. I know that’s driving him crazy. I’m saying the idea of being broken is all in his mind. He’s got no choice but to think about scratching and that makes him grumpy and that makes him less likely to be horny and that makes him think he’s broken. It’s a vicious cycle. I’m doing my best to break him out of it.

Our weekends always seem to get eaten up by chores and errands. This weekend I’m carving out at least an hour for dungeon play. When I get him in his sling he’ll forget all about being broken. He’ll be wishing it was Christmas eve and his scheduled orgasm date. I just have to get his mind off the damn itching.