How Red Should My Bottom Be?

It’s Sunday. The sun is making a rare appearance today here in the Northwest. Yesterday there was a lot of rain and some wind. The ground is littered with leaves. It’s too wet to mulch them. That gives us a nice excuse to relax and watch football. It’s a nice 65 degrees outside; fall weather in our part of the world. The sexual weather here has been surprisingly warm considering that my last orgasm was Friday night. The extended play Saturday night has a lot to do with my current state. You can’t be surprised.

Between football games, I perused the various chastity and FLM blogs. It interests me that a reasonably good fraction of male bloggers say they started out being disciplined for serious problems like drinking too much and other irresponsible behavior. Over time as those behaviors were extinguished, punishment was administered for minor offenses. Those offenses are similar to the ones that Mrs. Lion punishes. What troubles me is that without exception these men say they get spankings that leave them sore for days. It isn’t that I think that kind of intensity is wrong. It’s just that I can barely handle a spanking that burns for fifteen or twenty minutes after the spanking. I also complain loudly and make an effort to get away. Is it that I am just a wimp? It could be. Since the only bloggers who refer to spankings that are this intense are men, I wonder if they are telling the truth or exaggerating for the sake of their own internal fantasies.

Let’s assume that they do get long-lasting spankings. Maybe they can hold still and remain fairly quiet because this kind of punishment was used since they were little kids. I’ve noticed that my ability to take strong spanking has improved since Mrs. Lion began punishing me. I am very far from being able to hold still for a spanking that will hurt the next day. That bothers me. I really should be able to take it. That’s why I keep mentioning it. Certainly, I am not happy that Mrs. Lion pays attention to my inability to handle the spanking. If there is any time when I should feel that I have absolutely no control, it is during punishment.

My feelings of inadequacy aside, the reason domestic discipline is imposed is simple: It’s supposed to correct behaviors the disciplining wife doesn’t like. She is successful when the undesired behavior isn’t repeated. It stands to reason that if I repeat an undesired behavior, the next punishment should be more severe. If it isn’t, at least for me, the “price” for eating first, for example, remains constant. So, if I forget now and then, I pay the same “toll”. I may not like it, but my incentive to not repeat the behavior is no stronger. It only gets stronger when the punishment gets more severe with each infraction. It won’t take too many enhanced spankings before avoiding the undesired behavior is always front of mind for me.

This is one area of FLM that I can’t help Mrs. Lion manage. In her post yesterday, she mentioned that going through all the steps to secure me to the bed are just too much work. I immediately suggested that she give me that job. I can attach the restraints to the bed and even put the cuffs on without her help. All she has to do is clip each cuff to its restraint. Unfortunately, consistently enforcing her rules and enhancing the punishment for repeated offenses is on her alone. I could remind her when I catch myself breaking a rule, but there is no guarantee I will consistently catch myself when it is too late. The spankings are supposed to teach me to catch myself before the offense, not afterward. I should also be penalized for trying to get away. The worse it gets for me when I try to squirm away, the more quickly I will learn to hold still and take my medicine.

It’s obvious that I do want to feel Mrs. Lion’s power. I like the fact that she can condition me to behave as she wishes. That idea is exciting, the spankings, of course, aren’t. I’m not sure why I want things to be worse. I really hate those punishment spankings. I am proposing that I suffer more. I know that, but it just seems the right way to go. Stupid lion.



  1. Author

    If you’re asking…

    Perhaps Mrs Lion should separate punishment from “funishment”. Why reward bad behavior?

    Regarding your ability to take the spankings, one word: gag.

    Here’s to hoping you find the next level!

    1. Author

      We definitely separate punishment from funishment. There is never any doubt in either of our minds. Mrs. Lion doesn’t mind my screams. She doesn’t like gags.

  2. Author

    I suspect too that the longer-lasting evidence may be “implement”-related. As in what tool/toy was used. Paddles will turn you red, I suspect thinner implements (crop, cats, canes) will produce different, er, results. Like bruises and such, even if not used to the point of breaking the skin.

    I could be wrong, just guessing. I don’t know that it’s entirely fantasy-based for some, though I would guess that for many it is. Still, I think it’s very possible to produce marks that require healing time and would be sensitive afterward, potentially for several or more days.

    1. Author

      Over the years I have been beaten with all of the items you mention. Mrs. Lion has caned me a few times. When it comes to paddles, bruises are possible, but difficult. However, some of our severe paddles can make it hard to sit for days. The trick is many hard swats over a small piece of real estate. My problem is holding still and Mrs. Lion persisting no matter how much I hate it.

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