Lion Puddle

As you know, my criteria for a Lion orgasm tonight was whether he was horny enough or not. After only three days, it was entirely possible he wouldn’t be. Just kidding! This is Lion we’re talking about. Of course he’s horny enough – especially after last night.

We got a late start on playing because we recorded our football game to watch at a more convenient time. It was 10 before I unlocked him. I decided to use the forgotten restraints attached to the headboard. We double checked and they will not be effective for spanking in their current configuration. We’d have to extend them a bit, which is doable. When Lion was on his back I noticed he was already getting hard just from being restrained. Once I got him fully erect I slathered on some lube. I assume the lube makes it feel more like he’s inside me. It also allows me to move more quickly.

I started off slow. No sense rushing things. He wasn’t going anywhere. After edging him several times and getting him oh-so-close, I decided to give him less and less time between edgings. As soon as he calmed down I went back to work. He was bucking into my hand and trying to get release. I was afraid I would break him or go too far. When I was satisfied that he was indeed a horny, horny boy, I stopped. I told him he had earned his orgasm after only a three day wait.

This morning he told me he was starting to sweat and if I had gone any further he would have been a Lion puddle. He wonders if he will visibly sweat if I keep going. There’s only one way to find out! It may not happen tonight because I don’t want to take a chance on breaking him before I’m able to give him his orgasm. But tomorrow? I may need my galoshes for the Lion puddle.