Too Much Trouble

Am I talking about Lion? Is he too much trouble? Well, from time to time, yes. But this time I’m talking about tying him to the bed. He loves it. I, on the other hand, have to go get the cuffs and the straps for one side of the bed because the dog just can’t leave anything alone. I need to crawl around on the floor to hook the straps to the bed and then cuff Lion and hook the cuffs to the straps. It’s a lot of work for minimal gain on my end. Actually, no gain on my end. The restraints he has secured to the headboard will work if he’s on his back, but I’m not sure they’ll work when he’s face down. And, as he said, they only secure his hands. His feet are still free to roam at will. [Lion — I can do all that work. Just tell me to set up the restraints. All Mrs. Lion has to do is buckle them on]

I did think about restraining him last night, but then decided against it. As it was, I worked up quite a sweat spanking him. My hand stung for quite a while afterwards too. There is, however, always today. It’s still his birthday weekend. One never knows what’s in store for a Lion around here. Perhaps some restraints. Perhaps more spanking. Who knows? I don’t. Not yet at least.

I’m still amazed at how much Lion enjoys the vibrator. For a very long time he asserted that a vibrator did nothing for him. Why does this one work? He keeps telling me it must be me. Since I am the one using it, it is a very Magic Wand. I’m not sure. The first time I used it there was very little input from my hands. I just worked it over him and he had an orgasm. I wasn’t sure it would even work on him and there it was, working. He was so hard and moaning, and then orgasm. Vibrators don’t work on Lions, my ass! I don’t think there’s anything special about my hands. If anything, it may be because he has given me the power and he has no control over what I do with the vibrator. That might be the part that’s pushing his buttons.

At any rate, Lion still has a day to go for his birthday celebration. And, if he’s lucky, he might just get that orgasm Monday night. Time will tell.