Lucky Lion

I’m not sure if it was the promise of being restrained and spanked that did it, but Lion has been horny this weekend. I wasn’t even planning on playing with him last night. As we snuggled it was apparent that he was interested. Naturally I obliged.

I edged him a few times. Technically last night was his scheduled night. I jumped the gun and gave him an orgasm Saturday night. He’s not usually so interested the next day. But here he was, horny and ready for action. What to do, what to do.

Of course I knew what to do. My goal is a happy Lion. I gave him another orgasm. Am I spoiling him? Since he never knows if I am just edging him or going all the way, and he doesn’t expect an orgasm, I don’t think he’s spoiled. He’s probably more spoiled by all the attention of nightly edgings than from a few orgasms close together.

Today we head home again. I’m sure the pressures will come crashing in around us again. I’ll try to maintain nightly play sessions, but I can’t force Lion to be horny. I can only offer and support him. It just makes sense to me to give Lion orgasms when he’s interested.

At some point, Lion will find a job, and eventually things will go back to normal. Then I might not be so generous. For now I’m willing to give him as many orgasms as I can.