Last night marked the fifth night in a row that I’ve edged Lion. I think he’s hornier than ever. I know he wants to come, but does he really want to come? It’s become a game now. I think if I give him an orgasm he might get upset. How will he know how long he can endure the nightly teasing if I never take him to his breaking point? It’s actually an endurance test for both of us. How long can I keep myself from giving him an orgasm? How long can he keep from begging for one? How long can I keep up the nightly edging?

So far my interest in keeping Lion horny is high. I know it will wane over time. In the back of my mind I know there is a scheduled date out there that will end his horniness, if only for a day. Do I go past that date if he doesn’t want an orgasm at that point? Do I give him the scheduled orgasm and resume nightly teasing? Do I reserve nightly teasing for a reward? I’m not sure. I know it’s not something that’s sustainable for very long. It, like the nightly orgasms of a year ago, will become too much.

The other question on my mind is about maintenance spanking. When we first started domestic discipline I gave Lion swats every night. It was just to get us accustomed to things. It worked out well. Lion learned how to take hard swats. I learned how to give hard swats. And off we went. Lion has had a few weeks of no punishable offenses. I think that’s a good thing. Apparently not. He wants maintenance swats. Is that so he doesn’t forget how to take the hard swats? I know he wants to feel my power. I know I don’t find enough things wrong to fill up his dance card. I just don’t know if random swats are the answer. I do know that we’ll probably start them in a few days. After all, it doesn’t have to makes sense to me.

[Lion — No, having an orgasm will not upset me. I also won’t argue if I don’t. You have made good points. I am not sure I want maintenance spankings. I just remember how somewhat artificial routines were able to train us.]