Unnecessary And Very Hot

hands tied
I love my hands restrained when things are done to me. It’s very hot, like my cage. It removes any choice of what happens to me.

(Thursday, June 19, 2014) This is the sixth day since my last orgasm. It’s not a record for me, but it has been a while since I had to wait this long. Last night Mrs. Lion kept her promise and spanked me. She used her hands (very good hands) and a nasty wood paddle that has a sandpaper and a smooth side. When she wanted to administer hard paddle shots, she put her weight on my back to prevent excessive movement. It was pretty effective. If she ever decides to administer a series of hard paddle swats, I think she might want to have me lean over the edge of the bed and sit on my back. I tend to buck and try to escape. It may take a while before I learn to hold still, if I ever can.

Following the spanking, she began playing with my cock and swatting my balls with her hand. I had no idea whether I would get to orgasm. Her hand made me feel amazing. Oh, I wanted to come so much! She stopped just before I could come. She did this over and over and then announced that I would get my wish; she wouldn’t be making me come that night. I didn’t grumble. I did emit an “Awww!” But that was it.

Before the games began, she groomed me and so I am now pubic and ass hair free. After all was done I was left wild. I have a doctor’s appointment today to check my leg. wild. She was concerned that I would cheat and masturbate. I asked why. She told me that I had mentioned that I should have my hands restrained when she unlocked me after no orgasm for a while and she thought it was to prevent cheating.

On the surface it makes sense that being restrained would prevent any impulsive behavior on my part, but it isn’t the real reason I made that request. I don’t think there is a real danger I will overpower Mrs. Lion and jerk off madly. But just as I want the key hidden, I want to know that I have no choice. I can’t do anything about being denied orgasms. After all, forced male chastity is a form of bondage. Bondage translates on its most basic level to removing choice from the bound person. My cage denies me any choice in whether I can get erect or orgasm. It has maximum psychological effect on me if I really don’t have a choice. I don’t have access to a key except in an emergency and when unlocked my hands are safely restrained. I can’t take matters into my own hands.

Even though it is very unlikely I would actually cheat or overpower Mrs. Lion, I find it very exciting that I can’t. I think this is hard for her to understand. After all, if I won’t cheat and can be safely left wild, why would I need my hands restrained when she removes the cage? It isn’t completely rational. But then, is having my cock in a cage?

I can be left wild for any reasonable amount of time without risk I will come without permission. But it defeats the point of my lockup. In a case like today where I need to be examined, obviously I can’t be in my cage for the visit. Well, I could, but I would have a lot of embarrassing explaining to do. I am grateful that Mrs. Lion spares me that. If we wanted to be really high security (which would be fun), she could have kept me locked and accompanied me to the doctor, unlocking me in the car just before we go in. We did this once because we forgot to unlock me the night before. I really  liked that adventure. However, as hot as it is, to do this Mrs. Lion has to lose pay by leaving work early to drive to the doctor’s office to meet me.

That brings me to one other important point. Everything about my forced chastity adds effort and takes time from Mrs. Lion. As a former top, I fully understand that there is a personal price for the top that is paid for providing dominant services to the bottom. Each added level of chastity security requires more thought, time, and effort from Mrs. Lion. So, it makes sense to suspend the high security imprisonment at times that would further inconvenience her. I’m an adult, after all, and I have a reasonable amount of impulse control. Any male who doesn’t, shouldn’t be caged; he should be in therapy.

I try to consider any requests in that light. My wish to be restrained when unlocked is just one more chore for Mrs. Lion. I think I can make it painless and take only seconds. We have a set of velcro restraints. They are custom made using industrial webbing and very heavy duty velcro. I can’t release myself from them We have an eyebolt in the back of our headboard on my side of the bed (one on hers too). We can leave the restraints tethered there and when it is time for an unlock, it should only take a few seconds to secure me.

That sounds simple and reasonable, but it could just be too much. Every bottom likes to believe it is easy to meet his requests for bondage or more control. It often isn’t. It’s my kink that I like to be restrained. It isn’t my kink to defy my top if I’m not. Bondage turns me on. I used to love to be the Indian when we played cowboys and Indians as kids. I always ended up tied to a tree. I loved it. No wonder I want my cock locked up full time and my hands restrained too.

I don’t expect Mrs. Lion to understand why this turns me on. I’m not sure I understand it myself. It just works for me. My first partner all those years ago liked me in bondage. She also really liked that I could never escape on my own. Every single restraint was locked securely with a large padlock. We both knew I wasn’t going anywhere without her releasing me. The locks were her idea and weren’t really necessary. After all, bondage needs to be supervised at all times. A bottom can get into serious trouble just tied on his back spread-eagle. All sorts of health emergencies can occur. My first top knew this and always supervised me. So the locks for her were like having my hands restrained when I am uncaged. Absolutely unnecessary, but very hot.

Mrs. Lion shouldn’t take this as a must-do. As I mentioned before, there is a price the top has to pay for each new chore associated with her domination. I think every bottom, including me, tries to rationalize each request by minimizing it’s impact on the top. I don’t want to do that. Mrs. Lion doesn’t have to restrain my hands when she unlocks me in order to make me happy. I am happy now.


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    Hi there Lion 🙂 i see your every point ! I felt like you for a very long time, and did not understand why she would not do what i asked of her… And with your post, i see it clearly now. I wanted her to do more and more, and only, was i thinkin of you know who (me, myself and I). With the years gone, my needs have slowed down, but then again, it could turn up suddenly 🙂
    After reading your post, i will in the future, be more careful with my demands !
    Thank You 🙂

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